6 Uses For Epsom Salts Around The Home

uses for epsom salts

I first became aware of epsom salts about 10 years ago when I was on a major health food and detox buzz.

I bought a packet because it was an ingredient in a complex cleanse. Boy, did it work.

I then had the rest of the packet to use, so I looked around for ways to use it. I'd heard it was great in the garden, so I tried that. The result was the fattest juciest tomatoes I had ever grown.

I also used it regularly for a relaxing bath.

10 years on since my first use of epsom salts and it has been something staple in my home. It is something which is versatile, effective and that I wouldn't be without.

1. Detox and Colon Flush

Epsom salts is a well known remedy for easing constipation.

Because of this feature it has been incorpated into many detox programs as well as liver and colon cleanes.

The cleanse I mentioned when I first discovered epsom salts was this liver and gallbladder flush. Of course you should check with your doctor before undertaking this.

2. Improve Your Vegetables

The use of epsom salts in the garden is a sneaky tip that has been handed down the generations.

It doesn't have any research backing it but it has a lot of anecdotal support.

It's not too dissimilar to apple cider vinegar, where people swear by it, although there is no support from the medical establisbment.

After reading about using epsom salts in the garden I decided to give it a try on my tomatoes and I was blown away by the results.

The theory behind it is that the magnesium is often lacking in the soil and so the magnesium in the epsom salts compensates for this deficiency.

3. A Relaxing Bath

Soaking in epsom salts was actually the original use when they were first discovered at a spring in Epsom in England.

Epsom became a popular spa town and people would come to soak in the mineral waters.

Adding epsom salts to a bath is a well known way to add to your soak. It is regarded as being extremely helpful in easing aches and pains, helping your relax and softening your skin.

4. Ease Headaches And Hangovers

Because epsom salts are a magnesium based salt, if you have a magnesium deficiency they are an effective way of remedying this.

There is a belief that low levels of magnesium exacerbate headaches and hangovers and that you can remedy them by increasing your magnesium intake. One easy and effective way to do that is with epsom salts.

5. Face Cleanse and Exfoliant

You can add a handful of epsom salts to your regular facial cleanser, whether homemade or store bought.

Not only will the salt provide a slightly coarse exfoliant, it will also soften the skin and allow for a small amount of magnesium absoption.

6. Household Cleaning Ingredient

Epsom salts have the dual benefit of having the abrasive properties of a salt crystal, while having the ability to lift dirt and grime from a surface.

For this reason they are effective at cleaning anything from dirty dishes, tile and grout, hard water stains or any hard other to clean household surface.


Epsom salts have a variety of household uses.

From the garden to the bathroom to a colon cleanse these little crystals can do a lot.

I encourage you to get a packet and start experimenting!