Shepherd's Dream Mattress Review

Shepherd's Dream is a small homegrown manufacturer that makes arguably the highest quality wool mattress on the market.

Their products are either a 4 inch or a 5 inch mattress. This is made with layers of thick wool batting and wrapped in a wool textile.

Being completely made of wool this mattress has all the features and benefits including the natural insulation, the lanolin resistance to dust mites, it's non-toxic and naturally flame resistant.

It also has a high level of comfort and for a mattress without an innerspring system the wool batting proves to be nice and firm. It is however only 4 or 5 inches, most other mattresses are going to be 8 inches or more. The firmness does compensate for that a little bit, but many people who get this mattress end up supplementing it with some form of mattres topper.

That isn't necessarily something to shy away from. While it is an extra expense people do get great sleep results from the thinner wool mattress with a topper.

What Goes Into A Shepherd's Dream Mattress?

shepherds dream

There are only two components to a Shepherd's Dream mattress making it simple and very easy to understand.

Some other mattresses, especially latex, can get fairly complicated with all the layers but this is very straightforward.

The main component of the mattress is premium Eco Wool batting. This is locally grown in Oregon. This is layered and compressed into mattress fill and is what gives you the support.

Wrapping the mattress is an organic wool textile that is also made in the United States. Many manufacturers that use wool fool still wrap their mattresses in cotton. This is one thing that makes this brand unique - they have an all wool mattress with both fill and textile.

The Shepherd's Dream Range

Instead of a large range of different products with small variations this quality wool mattress manufacturer has kept it simple with two variations. You can choose either a 4 inch wool mattress or a 5 inch wool mattress.

5 Inch Mattress

The 5 inch is the standard option with the 4 inch being considered the lightweight option, as opposed to the 4 inch being the standard with the 5 inch being considered the luxury model. The mattress has 10 layers of thick wool batting.

This is a firm mattress and the company recommends that it is used with their 3 inch topper.

They also sell a variety of wooden slat bases to accompany the mattress. Included in these is a latex padded slat base. The latex padding will result in a softer feel.

4 Inch Mattress

The 4 inch is essentially exactly the same as the 5 inch but is a skinny lightweight option. It is also recommended to be used with the 3 inch topper and the latex padded base for a softer feel.

Shepherd's Dream Complaints

Not Organic Wool

There is only one ingredient in this mattress - wool - and it comes in two different forms, the batting and the cover.

The not so small problem with this mattress is that the batting is not certified organic wool, it is something called Eco Wool.

This is a conscious decision made by Shepherd's Dream and they have a pretty decent justification. Their preference is to use American wool and they argue that there is not any good organic wool grown in the USA. So instead of importing organic wool they use an Oregon producer who produces it to a high eco standard albeit not a certified organic one, which they claim is actually better.

They also claim to be closely following the progress of organic wool, supposedly ready to incorporate it once it meets their standards. They go into detail about the production processes and the reasons why they choose this Eco Wool on their website.

The wool cover for the mattress is however certified organic.

The Mattress Always Needs A Topper

This is actually quite a strange element of these mattresses. At 4 or 5 inches they are very thin. Most mattresses are around 7 or 8 inches and other "skinny" models might go down to 6 inches.

But to have a standard 5 inch and a skinny 4 is very much on the thin side. Mattress toppers are normally something that is a "nice to have" optional extra rather than something that you need to have just so you aren't feeling the slats underneath.

Having said that there is no real problem in getting the topper as an addition. Essentially all latex and memory foam mattresses come multi layered as standard anyway. In this case with wool you are just purchasing the layers seperately. It actually makes it easier for cleaning and transport because they come apart.

Shepherd's Dream mattresses do have a couple of complaints but on the whole they are a high quality, healthy and eco-friendly choice. Being a small yet growing company shows they must be doing something right because they have a lot of happy customers.

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