Savvy Rest Mattress Review

A Savvy Rest mattress is a quality latex product.

The main point of difference for this mattress brand is the ability to customize it to whatever level of firmness you want.

Each mattress has two or three layers and you can elect to make each individual layer firm, medium or soft.

They aren't the only company to offer this, but they do it at a significantly cheaper price than Green Sleep.

You can also have different levels of firmness on either side of the bed. This means you and your partner can customize each side of the bed to your specific needs. No more suffering just to keep your other half happy. Now you can each have the kind of surface that suits you the best.

What Is In A Savvy Rest Mattress?

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The key feature of Savvy Rest mattresses are the customizable natural latex layers. Natural latex comes in two types - Talalay and Dunlop. There is an ongoing debate as to which of these two is better.

Savvy Rest sidesteps this by acknowledging each type of latex is unique and that since different people have different preferences neither can ever be claimed to be universally "better."

So to accomodate this Savvy Rest offers both types of latex. Each layer that you choose can either be Talalay or Dunlop. This means that in one bed you could have some Talalay and some Dunlop.

This may make your choice a bit harder but it is a good choice to have.

The other ingredients in Savvy Rest mattresses are their organic cotton cover and organic wool batting that lines the casing. This wool layer exists as a natural fire barrier ensuring federal fire safety standards are met without resorting to toxic flame retardants.

The Savvy Rest Mattress Range

The Savvy Rest Tranquility

The Tranquility is the basic model. With this model there are two layers of 3 inch latex for a total of 6 inches.

For each layer you can choose either dunlop or talalay latex and whether you want it to be soft, medium or firm.

For a latex mattress this is quite thin and it is really designed for those who have a particular reason why they want a thinner mattress or for people who are quite light.

The Savvy Rest Serenity

The Serenity is the standard model. It exactly the same as the Tranqulity except that there are three layers of 3 inch latex rather than two for a total of 9 inches, which is a more regular thickness for a latex mattress.

Again you can choose dunlop or talalay and whether you want soft, medium or firm.

The Savvy Rest Unity Pillowtop

The Unity Pillowtop is exactly the same as the Serenity but with a mattress topper attached to it. This topper can also be sold separately but it comes standard with the pillowtop.

It is another 3 inches of natural latex bringing the total to 12 inches of natural latex for the entire mattress. The topper can be chosen in Dunlop or Talalay but there is no choice when it comes to firmness. It can only be soft. This is because it is not designed for support, it is designed for comfort.

What it means though is with an extra soft layer on top you can err of the firmer side on the layers below to give you that extra support without sacrificing comfort.

Savvy Rest Complaints

There is really only one complaint in regards to Savvy Rest but it is rather significant.

Because each mattress is customized they let you return and swap your layers of latex until you are completely happy with the level of firmness you have.

This takes away some of the uncertainty of choosing firmness in case you get it wrong. They will exchange individual layers for free (you pay shipping) for 90 days until you are happy.

The problem is that you can't get a refund on the mattress as a whole. This means even if you have exchanged layers several times and are still unhappy they will not take the mattress back. For quite a big ticket item this is a bit of a risk. Most other manufacturers offer a 60 or 90 day window for a full refund.

While this could be a problem for a small number of customers, on the whole Savvy Rest is highly regarded as a company that produces mattresses of excellent quality. If you are in the market for a latex mattress at the least they are worth checking out.

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