Royal Pedic Mattress Review

A Royal Pedic mattress is available in natural latex or organic cotton. Royal Pedic is one of the oldest mattress brands in the United States and they have a proud and illustrious pedigree.

The key thing about this brand that sets them apart from the rest is the quality of the craftsmanship.

All high end mattress producers use top of the line materials and a Royal Pedic mattress is no different there. The real difference is how it is put together.

How A Royal Pedic Mattress Is Constructed

royal pedic mattress

The ingredients used in these mattresses are natural talalay latex from Indonesia and Malaysia and organic cotton from California, Texas or Peru.

Natural latex is sustainably harvested from the Hevea brasiliensis tree, more commonly known as the rubber tree. This is done by making a slight incision and allowing the sap to run and be collected in a bucket.

Organic cotton is grown in a sustainable fashion without the use of pesticides or herbicides.

Organic cotton is no more eco-friendly than any other organic material. But that fact that regular cotton is one of agriculture's biggest polluters means choosing organic cotton has quite a significant affect.

While what goes into a mattress is very important arguably the more important thing is how it is constructed. Hand made mattresses, like anything else, are of better quality than their mass produced counterparts.

Hand Crafted: A Royal Pedic mattress is hand made by highly skilled craftsmen who know what they are doing.

Hand Tufted: Hand tufting is a process which keeps the padding in place, stops it moving around and forming lumps. It is a lot more time consuming doing this by hand but you end up with a better result.

The Royal Pedic Organic Range

There are two types of companies that produce organic or natural mattresses. The first are new companies that specialise in organic products and have only recently emerged to meet the market desire for human and earth healthy products.

The second are companies that have been in the mattress business for a long time and have recently released a line of organic products to meet new consumer demand. Royal Pedic is the latter. While their company philosophy may not revolve around health and the environment in the same way as the new players do there is a significant benefit to being an old dog.

They know how to make a fine product and have a long history of doing so. So while the organic range from Royal Pedic actually only contains a latex mattress and a cotton mattress, they are products worth considering.

Royal Pedic Natural Latex Quilt Top Mattress

The Royal Pedic natural latex mattress is 7 inches and has a Talalay latex core covered in soft organic cotton. Talalay is a way of manufacturing latex and is the higher quality method. The natural latex is harvested from their sustainable plantations in Indonesia and Malaysia. The organic cotton is from Peru.

They offer an upgrade to an 8 inch mattress that has a zoned latex core. What this means is that there are seven zones of different firmness throughout the mattress. This is based on the theory that you have different needs of firmness at your head, neck, shoulders, pelvis, legs etc.

The quilt top refers to this extra layer that is attached to the top of the mattress for comfort. This is composed of natural latex, wool, polyester and cotton. The presence of the polyester is less than ideal in this mattress that is supposed to be made from natural materials.

You may be confused by the terms "organic latex" and "natural latex" and wonder what is the difference. I encourage you to read my article on why there is no such thing as an organic latex mattress, where I go into detail about the difference and what the terms mean.

However in short the reason latex is not organic is because there is no 3rd party certification service in existence yet. So technically it is not organic, yet it is so close to being organic that I feel it is warranted to be discussed on an organic mattress site. This is the case for the vast majority of information sites and stores talking about natural latex mattresses. What annoys me is that most other sites do not adequately explain the difference in terms.

Royal Pedic Organic Cotton Mattress

The Royal Pedic organic cotton mattress is your traditional cotton mattress complete with innerspring system, cotton filling and ticking. The thing that makes this one stand out is the high quality of the innerspring unit combined with the fact that it is organic fill.

Innerspring System: Innerspring systems aren't the greatest things, but cotton mattresses have to have them. This Royal Pedic mattress delivers a high quality innerspring system, so if you have to have one then this one is it.

  • It has been double tempered, which means it will resist sagging and drooping and will basically last a lot longer.
  • It has a high coil count, which basically means more comfort and fewer pressure points. The coils will be better at contoring to your body.
  • The coils are open ended, allowing each coil more freedom to adjust and better support your body.

Organic Cotton: This Royal Pedic mattress uses organic staple cotton grown in California, Texas and Peru. They hand layer the cotton in the mattress with a very high density, making the mattress extremely firm. More than 50 pounds of pre compressed cotton will go into the construction of a king sized mattress.

There is also a heavy duty organic cotton fabric that stops the cotton filling from forming pockets in the coils.

Optional Wool Wrap: Normal mattresses have toxic fire retardants sprayed on them to meet government regulations. The Royal Pedic organic cotton mattress doesn't have any fire retardant spray. This means you need a doctor's note in order to purchase it. (This is to prove that you have allergies and need a non-toxic mattress).

To get around this there is also the option of getting the organic cotton mattress with a wool wrap. The wool provides a natural fire retardant, so you can purchase the mattress without a doctor's note.

The wool is organic and provides other benefits such as being hypoallergenic and a natural resister to dust mites.

Royal Pedic Mattress Complaints

There is one major drawback to a Royal Pedic mattress and it is a reason I would advise you to take caution.

This is that there is only one firmness level available for cotton and one for latex.

The cotton mattress is firm, the latex mattress is soft and there is no alternative.

It is recommended by the most recent definitive research into mattress firmness that most people should sleep on a medium-firm mattress.

The latex mattress is ranked 4 on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being firm and 5 being soft. The cotton mattress is ranked 1.

The cotton is really too firm, while the latex is too soft. If you are specifically looking for those things then great, but if not consider these factors very seriously.

Otherwise if you want to have a look you can find the products here:

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