Removing Dust Mites By Denying Them A Moist Environment

Removing dust mites is a two pronged approach. First you have to deny them their food source, which is dust.

This is done by maintaining an effective cleaning routine to keep the dust in the house to a minimum.

The second is reducing the humidity and moisture to deny dust mites hydration. Dust mites do not drink water like mammals. They absorb it from the air through their bodies. The more humid the air the more moisture they can absorb. Just like humans they need both food and hydration. Reduce their ability to rehydrate and their numbers will significantly reduce.

Regularly Using A Dehumidifier

The easiest way to keep the moisture down in the home and in the bedroom in particular is through using a dehumidifier on a regular basis. There are other benefits to this as well such as reducing dampness and mould which have negative impacts on your family's health.

Wool Mattress and Bedding

Water in the atmosphere caused by high humidity is not the only cause of moisture in the bedroom. People sweat every night into their beds without even really pondering it.

Of all the bedding materials that are available on the market wool is the most effective at regulating moisture and keeping dry. The structure of the fibers means water is always wicked to the surface so it can be evaporated. Other materials do the same job just less effectively. The speed and the high quantity of moisture it can handle is unique to wool.

Regular mattresses struggle to allow the built up moisture to evaporate. Over time moist areas can develop on the inside of the mattress. This is a perfect place for dust mites to inhabit. Regularly airing a mattress will compensate for this but the best solution is to have a mattress that can effectively deal with moisture.

Natural latex and natural memory foam are also proficient at wicking away moisture but a wool mattress is without doubt the most effective.

You can also purchase wool bedding such as comforters and pillows which also keep your sleeping environment as dry as possible and as dust mite free as possible.

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