OrganicPedic Mattress Review

The OrganicPedic mattress range by OMI are latex mattresses that are wrapped in wool.

These mattresses are each hand made by experts to create a very high quality product.

Along with the back pain benefits of latex comes the moisture and heat regulating benefits of wool.

Wool is an excellent bedding material because it does not absorb moisture and has the ability to remain warm in winter and cool in summer.

Both natural latex and wool are hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.

What Is In An OrganicPedic Mattress?

organic pedic

The mattress cores are made from layers of natural latex.

Natural latex is the substance that is harvested from the Hevea brasiliensis tree, also known as the rubber tree.

This is instead of the synthetic petroleum based latex that is common in lower quality latex mattresses.

This natural latex is gathered by making a small incision in the trunk and allowing the sap to run gently into a collection bucket. This process does not harm the tree and is performed sustainably.

Organic cotton and Eco-Wool are the other two ingredients in an OrganicPedic mattress. Organic cotton is used for the mattress cover while the wool is used as a batting to surround the mattress. This increases breathability and moisture regulation as well as providing a fire safety mechanism without resorting to toxic chemicals.

The OrganicPedic Range

The Flora Nouveau

The Flora Nouveau has three layers of natural latex. There is a 3 inch core which is made of firm latex. On either side of that is a 2 inch layer of soft natural latex. This gives the mattress 7 inches of latex in total and results in a medium firmness.

The Terra

The Terra is quite similar to the Flora Nouveau except it has an additional 3 inch pillow top. It has the 3 inch core of firm latex with a 2 inch layer of soft latex on top and another 2 inch layer of soft latex on the bottom. The pillow top is another 3 inches of soft natural latex that is attached on the top to provide extra comfort. This results in the Terra being a plush mattress on the firmness scale.

OrganicPedic Compaints

The Wool Is Not Organic

This is a fair criticism for a brand that claims to be organic. However most manufacturers of natural wool products prefer to use Eco Wool instead of organic wool. This is not something just limited to OrganicPedic. Even Shepherd's Dream, the standard bearer of wool mattresses, chooses Eco Wool over organic.

This is a conscious decision because the quality of Eco Wool is better and it is American made. There is very little organic wool in the market and its standard is not high. Many producer argue that Eco Wool is actually produced to a higher environmental standard that organic wool anyway.

No Customization Available

Most good quality latex mattress producers allow you to choose the firmness of the different layers in order to get just the right fit for you. The different models have a different number of layers with different thicknesses but for each you can choose your firmness. Both Green Sleep and Savvy Rest offer this option. OrganicPedic does not.

This is fine as long as one of their standard models meets your exact needs. However it can become a problem if you need something slightly different.

Nonetheless OrganicPedic mattresses are an excellent option that are worthy of consideration if you are looking for something luxurious, healthy and eco-friendly.

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