Organic Wool Mattress Review

An organic wool mattress is an ideal combination of comfort and health. Wool is the best material at regulating temperature; it will stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

Woollen fill in mattresses offers excellent support while at the same timer being springy to provide comfort.

Wool is also the best natural flame retardant mattress. No need for chemical fire sprays with wool.

Mattresses made with carded wool are free-form.

This means they don't require an innerspring unit like most traditional mattresses have. This is ideal for people who don't like the idea of having metal in their bed. The other benefit is that there are no pressure points that are normally created by the spring unit. The downside of this is that they can lack the support of other types of mattresses.

As far as ethical materials are considered wool still ranks quite low among some people. The land the sheep are raised on and the animals themselves are treated with the utmost of care. However the fact that wool isn't a vegan product like cotton, latex or memory foam turns some people off. However if you are comfortable with an animal product then wool is a high quality material.

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When you purchase wool that is made organically you are supporting the industry.

As the organic industry grows and demand for organic products rises the regular chemical wool industry is forced to shrink.

This has positive effects for consumers and small business as prices will be lower.

And most importantly it has positive ramifications for the environment and the animals.

Organic Wool Information:

Organic Wool Mattresses - The Benefits And Drawbacks: Wool keeps you warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot. It is hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant and a natural flame retardant.

How Organic Wool Is Produced: Harmful industry practices such as dipping and carbonization are prohibited. The sheep graze on healthy chemical free pasture, while the wool is produced without the use of synthetics or chemicals.

Featured Organic Wool Mattress:

Shepherd's Dream is the leader in wool mattresses. They produce an all wool product with wool batting as the filler and a wool cover. This mattress does not have an innerspring system yet the density of the batting means it is nice and firm.

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