Organic Sheets

High quality organic sheets make sleeping a luxurious experience.

Luxury sheets are soft, smooth and durable.

They are the ultimate in comfort and don't develop those irritating little balls.

A good sheet set will last a long time and retain its quality, making it a worthy investment.

Choosing organic cotton sheets is crucial, especially since so much of your exposed skin spends all night in contact with your sheets.

You don't want to be rolling around amongst dust mites, formaldehyde and a myriad of other toxic chemicals.

Sheets can be one of the harder products to get your head around. There is such a wide range to choose from and so many variations to consider. Check out the information here to make sure you make the right purchase.

Choosing Sheets That Are Best For You

When choosing sheets you need to get your head around size, fabric, thread count, weave and other factors.

I break it down for you and explain what you need to know, so you can make an informed decision.

The Difference Between Fiber, Weave And Fabric

Sometimes the difference between these three can become blurred in the marketing and sales pitch. So it's a good idea to explain the different types of sheets properly.

The fiber is the material the sheet is made from, the weave is how it is stitched and the fabric is the end result. For example take silk and weave it in a certain way and you get satin. Take cotton and weave it in the same way and you get sateen. Egyptian cotton is the best quality fiber for sheets.

So satin and sateen aren't fibers. They are fabrics that come from weaving different fibers with the same method. They happen to be the same weave but because they are made with a different fiber this creates a different fabric.

Types Of Organic Sheets:

Organic Egyptian Cotton Sheets - The World's Finest Cotton: Egyptian cotton is world renowned for being the highest quality cotton. It is extremely soft and supple whilst also having the benefit of being long lasting and durable.

Organic Percale Sheets: Percale is a tight weave of one horizontal stitch for every vertical stitch. It creates a high quality durable sheet.

Organic Sateen Sheets: A sateen weave is four horizontal threads for every vertical thread. It is incredibly luxurious with a smooth feel.

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