Organic Sateen Sheets

Organic sateen sheets are soft, supple and high quality.

Because of the way they are stitched there is a high proportion of thread on the surface of the sheet.

The result is a smooth luxurious feel.

Sateen is not a material. Rather it is a particular type of weave. Sateen sheets are woven from cotton.

Many people confuse sateen with satin. Satin too is a type of weave, not a material.

Satin and sateen are in fact the same weave, but satin is made from silk while sateen is made from cotton.

A sateen weave is four threads over and one thread under; four horizontal threads for every vertical thread.

The downside of sateen is that it is less durable than a tighter weave. Organic percale sheets for example have a one over one under weave, making them tighter and longer lasting. 

With sateen you have to weigh up the competing factors. Is it more important to have a sheet that lasts for years and years but doesn't have that same high quality smooth feel?

Or would you rather choose superior luxury and comfort and sacrifice a bit of longevity? If you are the latter then sateen is for you.

A sateen sheet is not going to disintegrate after two washes - it just won't last decades. Yet it still depends of the quality of the cotton that is used, the thread count and how well you care for it.

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