Organic Percale Sheets

Organic percale sheets are highly regarded for their excellent durability.

This is due to the tight one over one under stitch.

Percale isn't a type of material but rather a type of weave.

Most commonly percale sheets will be made out of cotton.

However they can be made out of anything.

It isn't the material that makes percale what it is, it is the method of stitching.

The term percale means for every vertical stitch there is one horizontal stitch - one over and one under. With cotton this is in comparison to a pinpoint weave, which is two over one under or sateen, which is four over and one under.

One over one under makes the sheet a lot tighter and more dense. The result is a durable, long lasting sheet that will stand up to repeated washing. They are comfortable and smooth with a crisp feel.

You can get percale sheets in a variety of different fabric qualities.

Just because you choose percale doesn't automatically make it a quality sheet.

You also need to consider the type and quality of material being used with cotton being is the best.

The higher the thread count the better quality the sheet will be.

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