Organic Moses Basket

An organic moses basket is an excellent way to keep your baby near you at all times when they are just newborn.

While some parents prefer not to use a moses basket and some babies don't adjust to them very well, for many people they work great.

The key benefits of a moses basket are:

  • You can keep baby close and they can move from room to room with you as you go about your day. This allows you to relax more as many parents find that having the little one out of sight in another room too stressful.
  • Many moses baskets come with a rocking stand so this allows your baby to fall asleep a lot easier, something that cannot be done with a cot.
  • Many newborns like the snuggness of the basket compared to the intimidating space of the larger cot.
  • A moses basket is ideal for travel or a weekend away. It saves you from buying a travel cot as it serves this purpose as well.

Choosing Organic

organic moses basket
image by Wickerfurniture

As with all products you use for your newborn it is best to choose organic to avoid them breathing in any off gassing residues.

Toxic material can also be absorbed through the skin and babies skin is even more susceptible to this.

Regular cotton fabrics have significant amounts of chemical residues both from the growing of the cotton and the finishing.

You can get the entire works including the basket itself as well as a moses basket mattress and moses basket sheets and bedding all in organic.

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