Organic Mattress Reviews

One of the primary purpose's of this website is to provide high quality organic mattress reviews.

The organic mattress market is growing and there is a wider ranger available than ever before.

If you are looking to create a healthier environment in the home, then changing your mattress is one of the most important things you can do. It is also one of the largest investments you will make in your comfort and health.

These are reviews of the best organic mattresses available.


essentia mattress

Essentia produces the only natural memory foam mattress on the market.

They use slow release latex technology to create a mattress that looks and feels like memory foam but without all the toxins of regular memory foam.

Essentia offers a range of seven different mattresses to suit a variety of needs and budgets.

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organic pedic mattress

OrganicPedic mattresses are made by OMI. The main component is natural latex.

Organic cotton and Eco-Wool are the other two key ingredients in an OrganicPedic mattress.

Organic cotton is used for the mattress cover while the wool is used as a batting to surround the mattress.

OrganicPedic offers a range of several different mattress with different configurations of latex layering.

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Royal Pedic

royal pedic mattress

A Royal Pedic mattress is available in either natural latex or organic cotton.

The natural latex model is a 7 inch talalay latex core with a cotton cover.

The organic cotton model has a traditional innerspring with cotton filling.

Royal Pedic is a very old brand with a strong pedigree of creating luxurious mattresses.

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Savvy Rest

savvy rest mattress

Savvy Rest produces fully customizable natural latex mattresses.

The key benefit is that you can choose any layering combination, both in regards to firmness and in regards to electing talalay or dunlop latex.

You can also select a model with two layers of natural latex and one with three.

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Green Sleep

green sleep mattress

Green Sleep is similar to Savvy Rest in that you have a fully customized layer selection. However they are the higher end choice.

One of their key features is a unique base which uses a dowel system.

This works similar to slats but is cylindrical and allows for a greater density.

Green Sleep has a wide variety of mattresses across two ranges. The Ergo Hevea range are latex mattresses with latex cores, the Nature's Nest range are latex mattresses with innerspring cores.

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Shepherd's Dream

shepherds dream mattress

Shepherd's Dream make high quality wool mattresses from natural materials.

They don't use organic wool because of limited supplies but instead use Eco Wool which they argue to be a better quality material.

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natura mattress

Natura makes natural latex mattresses with a 6 inch dunlop core and a variety of upper talalay layers depending on which mattress of the range you choose.

They are one of the few companies that offer a combination of dunlop and talalay latex.

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Naturepedic offers a range of mattress from traditional innerspring to latex to a unique combination of both.

This combination has an innerspring layer on the bottom with a layer of organic latex on the top.

They are one of the first to get the newly certified organic latex.

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Open Your Eyes Bedding Buckwheat Mattress

This is a unique type of mattress that I haven't seen anywhere else. You purchase a fabric kit and bulk buckwheat filling and then construct you own mattress out of individual buckwheat filled pods.

A very inexpensive way to purchase an organic mattress.

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