Organic Kapok Comforter

Organic kapok is a natural fiber that comes from the enourmous tropical ceiba pentandra tree.

The kapok fiber is silky, similar to floss, and surrounds the seeds of the tree, which grows in tropical areas of Central America, the Caribbean, South America, West Africa and Asia.

Kapok is an ideal filler for comforters because of its amazing lightness. It is so light and buoyant that it is often used in lifejackets.

The fibers are anti bacterial and hypoallergenic. It is an excellent insulator and is moisture resistant.

This amazing material is extremely comfortable and is often compared to down in terms of its comfort. But unlike down, which requires the plucking of feathers from birds, kapok is cruelty free.

Kapok grows naturally in the wild but is cultivated in some areas around the world. Harvesting the fibers does no damage whatsoever to the trees. This means kapok is one the best options in terms of sustainability.

image by wallygrom

The fibers can be harvested year after year while the trees stay strong and healthy.

To harvest the kapok all that you have to do is climb the tree and pick the fruit, and then pull the fiber away from the seeds, leaving the tree standing and in perfect condition.

Nest Bedding has an excellent kapok comforter.

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