Organic Egyptian Cotton Sheets - The World's Finest Cotton

With organic egyptian cotton sheets you have all the health benefits of an organic product coupled with the highest quality cotton fiber.

Egyptian cotton is known around the world for being the finest cotton money can buy.

The Egyptians grow their cotton along the banks of the Nile.

The Nile floods seasonally, which creates rich and fertile soil along its banks. This flooding coupled with the humidity of Egypt creates ideal cotton growing conditions.

What makes Egyptian cotton such a superior product is the length of the cotton fiber. The longer the cotton, the better quality yarn it can be spun into. An egyptian cotton fiber, also known as a staple, can grow from one and a half inches up to two and a quarter inches. This is approximately twice as long as fibers from other types of cotton.

The Benefits Of Organic Egyptian Cotton Sheets

egyptian cotton sheets
image by Zach Klein

There are three things that make egyptian cotton sheets the most superior cotton sheet on the market.

Softness: You won't truly understand until you have felt the material for yourself but Egyptian cotton is devilishly soft. It is so supple and smooth, that if you have been sleeping on anything less then prepare to be amazed.

Durability: Not only does the length of a staple make a softer product it also makes a more durable product. We have all had inferior cotton sheets that will fade and develop those annoying little balls after a few washes. This doesn't happen with Egyptian cotton; these sheets last for years.

Breathability: Cotton breathes easily, but most people sleep with inferior cotton/polyester blend sheets. The polyester traps body heat and doesn't allow the cotton the breathe. With 100% organic cotton sheets air passes through easily and you won't overheat at night.

Thread Count: The thread count refers to how many threads there are per sqaure inch of fabric. The higher the thread count the higher the quality of the sheet. Because Egyptian cotton makes such a luxurious sheet, merchants sell products with thread counts in excess of 500. This isn't always available for lesser quality fabrics.

I recommend Luxor Linens as the best place to purchase organic egyptian cotton sheets.

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