Organic Curtains

Choosing organic curtains is really taking eco-friendliness to the next level.

But why stop?

You may have already gone for an organic mattress, organic bedding and organic pajamas.

You can continue to green up your bedroom with healthy and eco-friendly curtains.

Curtains serve several purposes. They block the sun, keep warmth in the room, prevent the entry of pollutants and insects from outside and they add vibrancy to your decor.

Like any other fabric curtains can be made from natural fibers such as cotton or synthetic materials like polyester. Choosing a natural fiber like cotton that has been grown and manufactured organically is the best choice for your health and the environment.

It will prevent any exposure to chemical residues or off gassing. You will also be contributing to sustainable and healthy agriculture rather than contributing to an environmentally damaging process.

Curtains do collect airborne particles such as dust, pollen, mold and anything else that may be floating in the air. In order to maintain the curtains and keep your room as healthy as possible it is recommended that you vacuum your curtains on a regular basis. You can also clean them by hand at home.

Organic Curtains Are Hard To Find

Organic curtains are something that is only just starting to find its way in the organic movement and they can be quite hard to find. However in time more and more companies will offer curtains and drapes with organic fabrics. They just need to catch up.

The best I can find is from Anna Sova, which offers a product that is made of a combination of organic cotton and linen. It is 65% linen and 45% organic cotton. So while it is not 100% organic it is still a green and natural product made without toxic chemicals, pesticides or formaldehyde.

The other alternative if you are up for the challenge is to purchase some organic cotton fabric and make your own organic cotton curtains. Then you can be sure they are 100% organic.

Here is a resource for making curtains:

Making Your Own Curtains by Apartment Therapy

And here is a place where you can buy organic fabrics to make your own:

Organic Cotton Plus

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