Organic Buckwheat Pillows

Organic buckwheat pillows are a Japanese innovation that have been used in Asia for centuries. In recent times they have become popular in the West.

They live a much healthier lifestyle in Asia than they do in the West and this is one of the secrets.

What is unique about pillows made from buckwheat is that they are filled with small individual hulls or husks that mould to the shape of your head and neck, providing the ultimate in versatility and amazing comfort.

You can fill the pillow with as much or as little as you want.

Buckwheat hulls are a by-product created from buckwheat milling. They aren't actually a grain, they are the outer skins of a fruit, which are then specially cleaned and used as an effective pillow filling.

Japanese buckwheat pillows can also be referred to as "Soba Gara Makura" or sobakawa buckwheat pillows.

The Benefits Of Organic Buckwheat

Because the pillow is filled with individual buckwheat husks it has the ability to conform to the exact shape of your head. A regular synthetic pillow that is fiber filled will fight against your head to regain its shape. Buckwheat doesn't do this, allowing your neck and head muscles to completely relax while you sleep.

If your head moves position during the night the malleable buckwheat will shape itself to perfectly support you. Cramps and muscle tension will disappear. Wake up pain free. This is why chiropractors often recommend buckwheat hull pillows to their patients.

The pillows have a zip on the side so you can add or take away filling. This way you can customize the size of the pillow to suit your needs and make sure it is just right. This makes buckwheat suitable as a pillow for stomach, back or side sleepers.

Buckwheat doesn't retain heat the way other pillows do. The individual hulls allow air to freely pass through the pillow, maintaining a consistent temperature during the night without overheating.

Regular pillows are a haven for dust mites. Dust mites are microscopic but they quickly gather in large numbers causing asthma and allergies. Because of dust mite infestations standard pillows need to be replaced quite regularly. Buckwheat doesn't attract dust mites and therefore a buckwheat hull pillow will last you for a long, long time.

The Drawbacks Of Organic Buckwheat

The best part of a buckwheat husk pillow is that the filling will mould to your every movement giving you perfect support. But this has a downside, as the moving fill can be a bit noisy.

A tiny minority of people will be allergic to buckwheat. If this is you yet you still want the advantages of a pillow shaping itself to your head and neck you could consider a shredded foam rubber pillow.

Other drawbacks of buckwheat hull pillows are that they can be too firm or heavy for some people. In this case go for a softer option such as latex.

Some people also don't want to muck around experimenting with getting the right amount of fill in their pillow. They just want to keep it super simple. If this is you then don't bother with buckwheat.

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