Non Toxic Paint

Non toxic paint is the way to go if you really want to make your bedroom green.

The problem with regular paint is the same problem that you have with mattresses, carpets and other products.

The heavy load of toxic chemicals "off gas" and release toxins into the air, which you end up breathing day after day, night after night.

It's not hard to convince someone of how toxic paint is. You know what it smells like.

Regular paints have formaldehyde and things called Volatile Organic Compunds or VOCs. These chemicals are used to enhance the product by doing things like preventing mold and mildew or extending the life of the paint. Exposure to VOCs can lead to respiratory problems, skin problems, headaches and fatigue.

VOCs can continue to release chemicals up to five years after the paint has been applied.

These days eco friendly paints are available that perform just as well as paints with VOCs and other performance enhancing chemicals.

The Benefits Of Non Toxic Paint

The key benefit is to te health of you and your family. It is a serious problem that many everyday things in the home can be so toxic. Every item that you switch from chemical to natural reduces your overall exposure to VOCs, formaldehyde and the like.

Natural paint has no hazardous fumes so you don't have to deal with the nasty odor. Because it is non toxic the paint is not considered to be hazardous waste making it easy for you to dispose of and much better for the environment. VOCs are also a greenhouse gas, so choosing a non VOC product is a considerable help to the environment.

What To Look For In Eco Friendly Paint

Paints can be advertised as zero VOC paint and yet still have up to 5mg/L of VOC. This is the EPA regulation. So while this is a very low VOC rating te product is still a petroleum based product albeit one with lower toxins.

Truly green paint is not petroleum based. It is made from mineral pigments and plant based binders and additives. Before the advent of chemical paint people made paint from things such as milk casein, lime, mineral and tree resins.

Look at the ingredients and choose a no VOC paint that uses plant and mineral ingredients rather than a petroleum based product.

Featured Non Toxic Paint From Green Planet

Green Planet Paint

Green Planet paints are plant and mineral based and truly zero VOC. They have 48 colors and they also have a primer that goes with their paint.

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