Naturepedic Mattress Review

Naturepedic mattresses are well known for their crib and children's range.

However they also have a very good range of adult mattresses, with four different styles to choose from.

Depending on what you are looking for they have innerspring and latex mattresses.

What Goes Into A Naturepedic Mattress?

These mattress are made from the standard range of components such as organic cotton, organic wool and organic latex.

The cotton used by Naturepedic is organic US grown and certified cotton. This is used for the fabric and the batting. They also use organic wool batting, providing moisture prevention and fire protection.

Naturepedic was one of the first companies to adopt the new Global Organic Latex Standard. Previously there had been no certified third party testing for latex and no company was able to claim it had organic latex. This is a new standard and Naturepedic is one of the few companies that is now offering compliant organic latex.

They have a unique aspect with an entirely plant based polyester called PLA. This is created in the lab but it is made from corn and potatoes, rather than petrochemicals. It's a way of creating a mattress batting material but without the harmful toxins. It's an artificial product, but derived from natural materials.

This is a great video where you can see a Naturepedic mattress getting made. For a full list of what it in and what is out, then have a look at the website.

The Naturepedic Mattress Range


The Chorus is the basic model. Like many organic mattress brands, Naturepedic offer an innerspring mattress as their bottom of the line product.

This is because a spring mattress is much cheaper than a latex one. You still get all the benefits of organic materials and no chemicals, but it is the tradiditional innerspring mattress.

The bonus is that it is much cheaper.

This mattress has an 8 inch layer of coils, a 1.5 inch layer of microcoils and a PLA (the potato product) comfort layer.


This mattress is similar to the Chorus in that it has an 8 inch layer of coils. However the top layer is a 3 inch layer of organic latex. This means you have a traditional base but a comfort layer made from the more luxurious organic latex.

It isn't a full latex mattress, but it gives the traditional innerspring mattress a latex feel.


The EOS range is actually three mattresses - the Classic, the Trilux and the Pillowtop.

The Classic is basically the Essentials but with a few more customizable options.

The Trilux is the first proper latex mattress. It has 3 layers of 3 inch latex with no innerspring coils.

The Pillow top takes things to the next level by adding extra latex. It has an 8 inch bottom layer and then two 3 inch layers of natural latex on top of that.

Luxury Series

This is also three mattress - the Quartet, the Concerto and the Symphony - that are made with a high standard of craftmanship.

The Quartet has one 6 inch layer of coils as a support layer and then gives you two options for the second layer which goes on top for comfort. You can choose either another layer of coils or a 3 inch layer of organic latex foam. I'm not sure why you would choose the coils because that pretty much gives you an Essentials model. However if you want a mattress that has a combination of innerspring and latex then this is a good option.

The Concerto model is much like the Quartet in that it provides a layer of coils and then a layer of latex foam. The difference here is that the Quartet has two 3 inch layers of latex rather than one.

The Symphony has a 5 inch layer of coils and a 4 inch layer of latex. It is similar to the Concerto and the Quartet in placing latex on top of an innerspring system, however the difference is that the 4 inch latex layer has 3 inches of soft latex on top and 1 inch of medium latex on the bottom as a base.


When you break it down the Naturepedic range gives you three options.

At the bottom end you have a traditional innerspring mattress, just made with very nice organic materials.

You then have mattresses that have an innerspring base with latex on the top. This comes either as a mid range model - Essentials - or a top end model in the Luxury Series.

Then you have the complete latex mattress with no coils in sight in the form of the EOS Trilux and the EOS Pillowtop.