Shredded Natural Rubber Pillows

Shredded natural rubber pillows are made from small pieces of shredded foam rubber encased in a cotton cover.

Because the rubber is shredded the pillow will mould itself to the shape of your head and neck. 

You can adjust the amount of fill to get it feeling just right.

People are sometimes confused by the differences between rubber and latex. Latex is the sap that comes from the rubber tree, which is harvested and then formed into the product we know as rubber.

The terms are used interchangeably in the organic bedding industry.

Rubber/latex has no third party certification available which would allow it to be labelled as organic. That is why it has to be marketed as natural. I go into more depth on why latex cannot be organic in another article.

The Benefits Of Shredded Natural Rubber Pillows

The main benefit of shredded foam rubber pillows over a solid foam piece is that the pillow is more malleable and will adjust to the shape of your head and neck much better. The individual pieces of shredded rubber conform to your every movement during the night, providing excellent support and allowing your muscles to completely relax and rejuvenate.

This works in the same way as buckwheat pillows. A buckwheat pillow is filled with individual husks that also form themselves to the exact shape of your head and neck. However the benefit shredded rubber foam pillows have over ones filled with buckwheat is that they have a much softer feel. This suits some people but not others, it is really up to you what you prefer.

The shredded latex pillow shares all the same benefits as a regular latex pillow. It allows air to pass through extremely easily and thus does not retain heat or moisture. The natural material is resistant to dust mites, bacteria and is hypoallergenic.

Shredded Natural Rubber Pillow Complaints

Many people have allergies that can be attributed to dust mites in their bedding. Latex is resistant to dust mites and thus is ideal for those who suffer allergies. However there is a small proportion of people that are actually allergic to latex itself.

The other issue with latex is that it has the tendency to give off a slight rubbery odor. This scent will dissipate over time and doesn't bother most people. However if your nose is highly sensitive then perhaps consider something odorless like wool or cotton.

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