Natural Remedies For Dust Mites

Natural remedies for dust mites are much better for your health than using toxic chemical sprays. The good news is that there are several effective home remedies for dust mites that are natural.

Effective cleaning routines are a basic way of reducing the dust mite population in your home. Cleaning is a prevention rather than a cure. While not a "remedy" in the medical sense of the word the use of a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner, steam cleaning, air filters and hot washing are all natural and very effective solutions.

Natural dust mite remedies include doing laundry with eucalyptus or tea tree oil, tannic acid, sunlight and organic dust mite spray.

Be aware however that some remedies kill dust mites but leave the allergens behind while others neutralize the allergens without killing the actual dust mites.

The best solution therefore is to use a combination of approaches to both kill the mite and neutralize the allergen.

The allergen is not the dust mite itself, the mites are harmless to humans. The allergen is the fecal matter of the dust mite which is very irritating to humans when inhaled.

Eucalyptus Or Tea Tree Oil

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Studies have been done by Dr Euan Tovey at the University of Sydney regarding the use of eucalyptus and tea tree oil as natural remedies for dust mites.

The oil kills mites because it blocks their pores and stops them from breathing.

All you have to do is soak your bedding in an oil/water solution or add the oil to a load of washing.

Find out more about the Eucalyptus/Tea Tree Oil remedy.

Tannic Acid

This comes in a powder form and is naturally formed on the twigs of oak trees. It is said that if you sprinkle the powder on your bed it will neutralize the allergens of the dust mites although it will not actually kill them.


Perhaps the most natural of all remedies for dust mites is pure sunlight. A few hours in the sun will either kill dust mites or send them scurrying away because they cannot handle the heat. This will not get rid of any allergens that they leave behind however.

Organic Dust Mite Spray

There are sprays that exist which kill dust mites but these are not organic. I recommend an organic allergy relief spray. Although it doesn't kill the mite it does neutralise the allergen, and it is organic.

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