Natural Memory Foam Pillow

A natural memory foam pillow has all the benefits of memory foam but without the toxic ingredients.

Tempurpedic foam pillows and other copycat varieties are made from visco elastic foam, which is a lab formula created from petrocemicals.

The best memory foam pillow is the healthy version which is instead made from:

  • Natural latex
  • Organic grapefruit seed oil
  • Organic coneflower essence
  • Organic jasmine
  • GMO free plant extracts
  • Water

The base ingredient is natural latex harvested sustainably from the Hevea brasiliensis tree, more commonly known as the rubber tree. The other ingredients are added to form something called slow release latex foam. This is different to the visco-elastic foam that Tempurpedic and others use but it has the same feel.

Aside from the health benefits natural memory foam is also a supremely comfortable pillow choice. You don't sacrifice quality or comfort for choosing the green option.

The Benefits Of Natural Memory Foam

Breathable: Regular memory foam has a tendency to "sleep hot" because it retains heat. Natural memory foam is very breathable and thus comfortable. This is because it has a small network of interlinking channels which allow the air to circulate.

Supportive: Memory foam supports your neck properly which allows the muscles to completely relax. It doesn't fight back to regain its shape when you apply weight like normal pillows. Instead the load is shifted to the surrounding areas that are not directly taking any of your weight.

Comfortable: This material molds itself to the shape of your body, giving you excellent support and in turn amazing comfort. While not everybody finds memory foam an attractive option because it does have a very unique feel, those who do like it tend to really love it.

Featured Memory Foam Pillows From "Essentia"

The Essentia pillow range includes four different options.

Comfort: A combination of shredded latex and natural memory foam. You can customize the fill to make it suit you.

Ergonomic: This model is specifically designed for ultimate neck support.

Forma Spa: This one is lighter on the neck support with extra ribbing. It is a larger pillow than the ergonomic.

Classic: The classic actually looks like a normal pillow with soft edges where the other two are more of a distinct memory foam shape with hard edges as you see in the image below.

Have a look at the Essentia website to have a look at the range.

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