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A natural memory foam mattress has the luxurious feel and comfort of memory foam but without all the toxic chemicals.

Regular memory foam is made from polyurethane and a variety of other chemicals. While it is incredibly comfortable it is also incredibly toxic.

It isn't healthy to spend so many hours in such close proximity to harmful substances. Mattresses that are made with chemicals emit their toxins in a process known as "off-gassing."

You absorb these through your skin and by inhalation. Over time the toxic material builds up in your body and gradually reduces your health.

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One company, Essentia, has pioneered natural memory foam. Instead of using chemicals they use natural latex sap, harvested from the rubber tree, as their base ingredient. 

By mixing the latex sap with organic essential oils, plant extracts and water they have developed a mattress made from latex but with a memory foam feel, and without petrochemicals.

The beneficial thing for consumers is that now you don't have to choose between health and comfort. You can get both.

It is important to note however that an Essentia mattress is made from natural latex but feels like memory foam. This is as opposed to a regular latex mattress that actually feels like it is made from rubber. True memory foam can only be made from chemicals. So the term "natural memory foam" refers to natural latex that feels like memory foam.

Natural Memory Foam Information:

Natural Memory Foam Mattress Benefits And Drawbacks: The major point of difference with natural memory foam is the superior comfort. It spreads your weight more evenly across the mattress, reducing pressure points and increasing comfort.

Common Memory Foam Mattress Problems: Some issues like toxins, the chemical smell and sleeping hot are problems that regular memory foam has but natural memory foam does not. However some issues are common to both such as price, the fact that it can be hard to get used to and that it is not great for sex.

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Featured Natural Memory Foam Mattress

Natural memory foam mattresses are only produced by one company in the world - Essentia. They have a range of different mattresses with varying specifications and qualities.

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