Natural Latex Mattresses -
The Benefits And Drawbacks

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Natural latex mattresses are quality products made from sustainable sources.

They are 100% vegan, and known for their excellent comfort and back support.

Synthetic mattresses are made of chemically derived latex, while natural latex mattresses are made of plant based materials, with no synthetic blending.

Latex mattress benefits are numerous and the material has become incredibly popular in the past decade.

The Benefits Of Natural Latex

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An Ethical Material: Latex is obtained by tapping a rubber tree, causing no long term effects on the tree.

No animals are harmed, no herbicides or pesticides are used.

Natural latex is a sustainable resource because we don't kill the trees.

The incision where the latex drains from heals quickly.

This means that latex can be harvested indefinately.

Comfortable: The major benefit of latex over loose fill mattresses is that it doesn't pack down at all.

Some materials have a tendency for the filling to condense over time reducing the evenness and comfort of the mattress.

Latex retains its original firmness and won't pack down. It is an extremely comfortable and supportive mattress material. It is quite dense, which provides excellent support, while at the same time being highly elastic and springy to deliver superior comfort.

Motion Isolation: Motion isolation refers to a mattress' ability to absorb the movement of one person on one side of the mattress without it affecting their sleeping partner. Latex mattresses are extremely effective motion isolators. If one person is moving about the other won't find themselves rolling to the middle.

With latex you and your partner won't be waking each other up in the night. This will mean a more restful sleep and no subconscious resentment. It will improve your relationship.

Good For Back Pain: Natural latex mattresses reduce back pain because they keep your shoulders and lumbar spine aligned. Other mattresses let your pelvis and shoulders sink in too much which causes your back to arch.

One problem innerspring mattresses have is that they cause pressure points. When your heavy joints depress the springs the springs fight to press back and extend themselves fully. This creates pressure points in your shoulders and lower back.

Latex mattresses don't have a spring system and therefore don't cause pressure points. When you wake up your body will feel supple and loose.

Hypoallergenic: Dust mites can't live in latex. Neither can bacteria, mildew or mold. This makes natural latex mattresses ideal for people who suffer allergies.

Breathablility: Latex foam has a network of tiny interlinking air channels allowing for maxium breathability. Air flows easily through the mattress meaning heat and moisture are incredibly well regulated. You won't overheat on a latex mattress. You will stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

Durability: Natural latex is one of the most durable materials in the world. They can easily last for twenty, twenty five years and more. Most merchants will offer a long term warranty. They can do this because they trust in their product. It really will last the distance.

No Metal: There is no innerspring system in a latex mattress and therefore there is no metal. For those concerned with the metal in their sleep environment a latex mattress is an ideal choice.

The Drawbacks Of Natural Latex

It's Heavy: Latex mattresses are some of the heaviest on the market. For most people this isn't going to be a problem. You get some burly men to move it for you once and then you leave it for 20 years. But if you move around a lot then be aware of this fact.

Latex Allergies: Latex resists dust mites, mold and mildew - all the things that cause most common allergies. However there are a small number of people who might have a latex allergy. If this is the case you obviously don't want a latex mattress.

Initial Smell: Natural rubber has a distinct smell. When you get a brand new latex mattress it might have a slight sweet rubbery scent. However this will wear off in a short space of time.

Not Certified Organic: There is no third party tester that certifies latex products as being organic. Therefore despite the best efforts of manufacturers to create 100% organic products they cannot market them as organic latex mattresses such without certification.

A Pioneer Industry: Although latex mattress have been produced since the early part of the 20th century it is only recently that the industry is really taking off. The early signs are that latex mattresses are awesome, but they don't as yet have the same track record of success that other materials have.

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