Natural Home Decorating

There is a growing trend towards natural home decorating as more and more people become aware of some of the toxic materials like formaldehyde lurking in everyday products.

You can create a simpe yet luxurious decor and do it by using natural materials and products.

Often you will find the eco-friendly choice is of superior quality.

As the market develops there are more and more natural and organic products available such as flooring, paint and furniture.

Formaldehyde In Your Home: Learn about the sources of this dangerous toxin to help you make healthy home decorating choices.

Natural Carpet: Instead of toxic off-gassing carpet you can get natural wool and hemp alternatives.

Non Toxic Paint: Regular paints off gas for five years after they are applied. Green paints that are plant and mineral based are zero VOC and don't off gas at all.

Organic Curtains: It can be hard to find genuine organic curtains. The best bet is to buy organic fabric and make them yourself if you are up to the task.

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