Natural Carpet

Natural carpet is an interesting phenomenon when you think about it in the context of the natural/organic movement as a whole.

Carpet is one of things that most of us in the past would have taken for granted and wouldn't have even thought twice and the health and environmental effects.

But here is another basic household product that has been exposed as being unnecessarily toxic with a poor environmental record.

And with that consumer awareness someone will always step into the void and create a natural product to satisfy this new demand. Carpet is no different. You now have available all natural carpets that are safer for you and your family as well as reducing your footprint.

The Toxicity Of Carpet

green carpet
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Regular carpet is made from petroleum based and synthetic products.

Then there is the vinyl backing, the stain resistant sprays, fire retardant sprays and artificial dyes.

New carpets are full of VOCs or Volatile Organic Compunds. One of the most dangerous of these toxins in regular carpet is formaldehyde.

It is emitted from new carpet as a gas in a process known as "off-gassing."

This doesn't just happen for a few days after new carpet is laid. It happens slowly and gradually for ten years. Your air quality is seriously reduced by the toxic load in carpet.

It is not uncommon for new carpet to induce respiratory problems in home owners. And considering how much time your children and pets spend at ground level on the carpet it is something to give some serious thought to.

Natural Wool Carpet

Wool is the most common green carpet option and has many benefits. It is naturally flame retardant, is excellent at regulating moisture, is warm and is a natural product. Wool is also extremely durable and the lanolin oil found in wool is naturally dust mite resistant. Hemp is another option although this is far less common. Hemp's best qualities are also its durability and it is also excellent at regulating moisture and therefore preventing mold and mildew.

Featured Natural Carpet From Earth Weave

Earth Weave Carpet

Earth Weave makes carpet that combines both wool and hemp. Hemp is used in combination with cotton as the backing for the natural wool carpet. The secondary backing is made from jute, which is a natural vegetable fiber.

Glue can be one of the most toxic elements in regular carpet. Earth Weave uses natural rubber as an adhesive instead. Natural rubber comes from the rubber tree and is completely natural and harvested sustainably.

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