Natura Mattress Review

The Natura mattress range includes a wide range of both organic and non-organic mattresses.

While the non-organic range is still eco-friendly this Natura review focuses solely on the organic range.

Natura offer latex mattresses that have wool batting and a cotton cover. The latex is USDA certified organic and they use both dunlop and tally. The wool is organic from New Zealand and the cover is also organic cotton.

The Natura Latex Mattress Range

Natura Eco Refresh: This is the basic model which is a 7 inch latex mattress wrapped in wool. It is 6 inches of dunlop latex and 1 inch of talalay. It is medium firm.

Natura Eco Restore: This is much the same as the refresh  but it has an additional 2 inch layer of talalay latex. This makes it 6 inches of dunlop, 2 inches of talalay and a further 1 inch of talalay, totaling 9 inches. It is medium-soft.

Natura Eco Revive: This is a 10 inch mattress and is also medium-soft. Like the Restore it has a 6 inch dunlop core, a 2 inch layer of talalay on top and a further 1 inch of talalay on top of that. In addition this mattress has a quilt top that is made from a further 1 inch of talalay latex and organic wool.

Natura Eco Sanctuary: This is an 11 inch mattress and is available in either firm or plush. The 6 inch dunlop core is the same as all the other models and the quilt top is the same as the Revive. However you can choose the firmness of the other layers which allows you to determine the firmness overall. If you want the Eco Sanctuary Firm then the top layer is 4 inches of firm talalay latex. If you want the Eco Sanctuary Plush the top layers are 2 inches of medium talalay with another 2 inches of soft talalay on top of that.

Natura Eco Sanctuary Dual: The Dual is exactly the same as the regular Eco Sanctuary except it has a split firmness. One side is the Eco Sanctuary Plush and the other side is the Eco Sanctuary Firm.

Natura Eco Radiance: This is the top of the line mattress for the range. It follows the same pattern but again adds an extra inch of latex bringing the total to 12 inches. It has the 6 inch dunlop core and the 1 inch quilt top. Its middle layers are 2 inches of talalay with another 2 inch layer on top and another 1 inch layer on top of that. It is a plush mattress.

Comparing the Natura Mattress Range

These mattresses are very similar and the main difference is whether or not you have the quilt top and how many additional layers of talalay latex you have.

All Natura latex mattresses have the 6 inch dunlop core. The two lower end models, the Refresh and Restore do not have the quilt top whereas the high end models, the Revive, the Sanctuary and the Radiance do.

At the lower end, with the Refresh, you only have 1 inch of talalay latex on top of the core. At the higher end, with the Radiance you have 5 inches of talalay in addition to the core. The others vary in between.