Common Memory Foam Mattress Problems

Despite all the benefits of memory foam there are several memory foam mattress problems.

You need to consider these before you decide to purchase one.

Nothing is without its drawbacks, negatives and downsides.

Memory foam mattresses are no different.

1. Sex On A Memory Foam Mattress Isn't Great

Sex on a memory foam mattress has its benefits and its disadvantages. On the plus side you can try a few more interesting positions without discomfort, because there is more give in the mattress. You won't get a dead leg or a sore knee.

On the negative side you lack the bounce that you get with a spring mattress and it is much harder to move around because of that feeling that you are sinking into the mattress.

2. Bad Chemical Smell

Many memory foam owners have reported a chemical smell when they have received their mattresses that has lingered for weeks. For some people this smell has been quite overpowering and uncomfortable.

The reason for this smell is that memory foam is made from petrochemicals and they are released from the mattress in a gas state. This is the smell.

This is a problem that natural memory foam has solved. Because the foam is made from natural latex and not petrochemicals there is no smell or gas.

3. Health Issues From Toxins

The petrochemicals in standard memory foam mattresses also cause concern for many people. Whilst memory foam is an amazing technology when it comes to comfort it is a synthetic material that is developed in a lab and it is actually quite toxic.

The combined memory foam mattress problems of the odor and the chemicals are an issue for many people. However these issues aren't a problem with natural memory foam because there are no toxins.

4. They Can Be Hard To Get Used To

Memory foam is designed for comfort. However it is a very different feel to the standard innerspring cotton mattress. The vast majority of people quickly adjust to the new sleep experience and once converted they never go back. However for some this transition is slow and for others they never get used it and instead decide not to sleep on memory foam.

5.They Are Hard To Clean

Cleaning a mattress can be a problem with memory foam. Because of the cell structure a stain breaks the surface and is absorbed deep into the mattress. It is near impossible to get out. This memory foam mattress problem can easily be avoided through the use of a mattress protector.

6. They Sleep Hot

One of the main memory foam mattress complaints is sleeping hot. They can trap heat underneath you and can make sleeping uncomfortable.

People have reported not being able to get to sleep or waking up covered in sweat. Even if they reduce their covering they feel too warm underneath their body and too cold on top.

This is another problem that natural memory foam has been able to solve with natural foam being 80% more breathable than regular memory foam.

7. They Are Expensive

Memory foam is a high quality product and as such it costs a premium price. While it is definitely worth the value that you pay because of durability and comfort it is a higher price than standard mattresses.

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