Natural Memory Foam
Mattress Benefits And Drawbacks

Of all the memory foam mattress benefits the key is unsurpassed comfort and excellent support.

The major point of difference with memory foam is that the mattress conforms and contours to the exact shape and curve of your body. Whilst memory foam is a relatively new phenomenon it already has some die hard fans.

Now that a natural foam is available there is going to be a whole new legion of supporters experiencing the numerous memory foam mattress benefits.

The Natural Memory Foam Mattress Benefits

Unsurpassed Comfort: The comfort of memory foam is all down to the technology. The memory cells have tiny holes in them that are filled with air. When you lie down the cells you put pressure on compress and spread the displaced air evenly across the rest of the mattress.

This means it isn't just the cells you are lying on that take your weight. The rest of the mattress helps with the load bearing.

When pressure is placed on mattresses their natural reaction is to fight to regain their shape. On a non memory foam mattress wherever you put the most weight, that part will fight back the hardest. This creates uncomfortable pressure points where the heaviest parts of your body are - the shoulders and the hips.

Because memory foam spreads the load the parts of the mattress that you are actually depressing with your weight are not fighting as hard to retain their shape.

Memory foam supports you better and this leads to a more deep and relaxing sleep, allowing you to be at your best during the day.

Motion Isolation: Second of the memory foam mattress benefits is motion isolation, which means your movements do not disturb your partner, or vice versa.

Unlike innerspring mattresses movement on one side of the mattress does not affect the person on the other side. The memory foam absorbs the disturbance without disrupting your sleeping partner.

This means no more being woken up in the middle of the night by that restless sleeper next to you. Not only will you sleep better but it will remove any subconscious resentment, which can improve your whole relationship.

Ideal For Back Pain: The lack of pressure points and superior comfort is one of the memory foam mattress benefits. This makes it ideal for people who suffer aches and back pain, especially in their lower back and shoulders. When these heavy parts of the body are supported properly during the night they won't be as stiff and sore during the day.

Hypoallergenic: Because natural memory foam is created out of natural latex and wrapped in organic cotton it is hypoallergenic. This relieves asthma and allergies allowing for restful sleep and more productive days.

More Breathable Than Regular Memory Foam: Regular memory foam uses synthetic materials that are not as breathable as natural ones. They trap in air which is then heated by your body causing discomfort.

The natural latex and organic cotton used in natural memory foam mattresses are extremely breathable ensuring you don't "sleep hot."

There's No Metal In It: With a natural latex base and a natural memory foam top layer there is no metal in these mattresses.

Durability: The base is made of natural latex which is an extremely durable material. The foam layers of natural memory foam mattresses have densities of either 5.25 lbs or 6.25 lbs. These are top of the line densities which ensure a long lasting mattress.

With natural memory foam you won't have to go through the painful process of a mattress purchase for a very, very long time.

The Drawbacks Of Natural Memory Foam

Lack Of Springiness: A memory foam mattress doesn't have that springy feel to it like an innerspring. That's fine for some people, but not for others. For some it is more a matter of just adjusting to the new feel. Yet for others they just really don't like that lack of bounce. It's also not great for sex which is an often cited memory foam mattress problem.

Not Certified Organic: One of the natural memory foam mattress problems is that there is no organic certification available. This is because natural latex is the main ingredient and there is no organic certification for natural latex. Until that comes into existence it is impossible for anybody to claim to have organic latex in their mattress even if they do.

It's Harder To Roll Over: Memory foam holds the shape of the position you are sleeping in. When you shift position it takes some time for the previous depression to rebound. This means you need to put a little bit more effort into your rolls or it can feel like you are climbing out of a hole.

However natural memory foam has a much faster "recovery time" than regular memory foam so this effect is minimized. Essentia, the maker of natural memory foam claims that it is either 35% or 72% faster depending on the model.

A Pioneer Industry: Memory foam mattresses are relatively new. Tempur-Pedic brought their chemical version to North America in 1992.Essentia has been producing natural memory foam since 2006. The early signs suggest that the natural memory foam mattress benefits are the real deal. However they do not have the decades of success behind them that other mattresses have.

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