Things To Consider When Sleeping On A Mattress On The Floor

Sleeping on a mattress on the floor with no bed frame or box spring has become a trendy design feature recently.

Admittedly it does look great and I really like the minimalist style.

But what about health issues? Is it good for you to sleep that close to the floor?

There is no one right answer to this question.

One of the biggest factors is where you live and what the climate is like.

Other than that is completely personal choice. Whether you end up sleeping on the floor or not here are some things to consider.

Dust and Dust Mites

A common concern about putting your mattress on the floor is that you are closer to the dust and dust mites on the floor.

This is true, but in reality unless you have a hypoallergenic mattress and bedding, they are in bed with you anyway. Dust will settle on any surface and it doesn't discriminate between on top of a bed or on the floor.

If you do have a hypoallergenic mattress and bedding and are worried about dust mites I would think twice about putting my mattress on a carpeted floor. However if you have a hardwood floor and keep it clean then there should be no problem.

Circulation and Mildew

Many people who put their mattress on the floor report that it gets mildew from a lack of circulation. This is something to think about, but it not necessarily going to happen in every case.

The likelihood of getting mildew depends on the climate where you live and the moisture level in your house. If you live in a humid area and/or have a very damp bedroom I would not put the mattress on the floor. However if you live in a dry climate and have a dry home then this shouldn't be an issue.

You can further reduce the moisture in your mattress by airing it on a regular basis. If the material has moisture wicking properties, such as wool then it will be even less likely to develop mildew.

Heat In Winter

This depends on whether you live in an area with cold winters and whether you have a carpeted floor or not.

If you put your mattress on a cold floor in winter then the floor is going to suck a lot of heat.

One way to remedy this is to place another layer underneath the mattress to keep it directly off the floor.

Back Pain

People are gradually coming back around to the idea that it is better for our backs to sleep on a hard surface rather than the super plush mattresses that have been the rage over the last few decades.

While it may be better to invest in a new firm or medium firm mattress, a cheaper option is to put your existing mattress on the floor to generate some extra firmness.

How your body reacts to this will be entirely unique to you and will determine whether you stay down on the floor or not. Do not be surprised if you get a few initial aches and pains. Stick with it for a few days to see if things get better. It may just be an initial adjustment period.

However if your back becomes very sore and doesn't get better after a few nights then perhaps sleeping on the floor is not for you.

For others it seems that the floor goes a long way to curing their back pain.

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