The Best Mattress For Insomnia

The best mattress for insomnia sufferers is one that doesn't make your ability to sleep any worse.

Insomnia is very rarely caused by a bad mattress and therefore cannot be readily cured by switching to a new mattress.

Anybody claiming otherwise is leading you down the garden path.

However even non insomnia sufferers will experience an inferior sleep from a poor mattress.

In the same way an insomnia sufferer is going to find it even harder to get to sleep if they are sleeping on a poor quality surface.

An old sagging mattress with lumps and roll together is not conducive to helping you improve your insomnia.

Pressure points are the main reason why your mattress might cause or aggravate mild insomnia. They occur when the springs in the mattress press back firmly on the heaviest areas of your body as they fight to regain their shape.

Therefore the best mattress for insomnia is one that doesn't cause pressure points. This means trying something without an innerspring system like memory foam, latex or wool.

A mattress can't help you with the myriad of other factors that might be causing your insomnia but it can be one less thing that makes it worse.

Back Pain, Insomnia And Your Mattress

Back pain caused by pressure points is one cause of poor sleep where the mattress can play a large role in the cause of your problems. The right mattress can also play a major part in your recovery.

Back pain is caused by a variety of factors including poor posture, tight muscles, lack of physical activity or by an acute injury such as a slipped disc.

If you have an old mattress, one that is causing pressure points or one that is too soft and isn't offering enough support for your spine this will cause you some issues.

For any recovery program good sleep is crucial in the bodies ability to heal itself. A new mattress won't cure you overnight nor will it be the sole reason for recovery but it will help as part of a balanced approach to back pain recovery.

Is Your Mattress Causing Insomnia By Exacerbating Medical Conditions?

When asthma and allergies get bad they can affect the quality of your sleep significantly and contribute to insomnia. If this is an issue for you then the best mattress for insomnia is one that is hypoallergenic.

Asthma and allergies can have many causes, but one very common cause could be living in your mattress. Dust mites are microscopic arachnids that feed on human skin. They like to make mattresses their home because they have a constant supply of food. Their feces cause irritation in humans are are a common cause of asthma and allergies.

If you are having trouble sleeping because of respiratory problems then consider whether your mattresses may have dust mites. This will be more likely if the mattress is older, if it is made of cotton and if it is retaining any moisture.

You can get dust mites resistant casings for your bedding or dust mite resistant bedding, mattress toppers and even naturally dust mite resistant mattresses. These options may play a part in reducing your respiratory problems at night and allowing for a more restful sleep.

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