Lose The Back Pain Review - The Seven Day Back Pain Cure

I was initially very skeptical of the book called "The 7 Day Back Pain Cure" from LoseTheBackPain.com.

It seemed everybody on the Internet was doing a "Lose The Back Pain Review." Why was everybody pushing this product so hard? Was it a massive scam or did it really work?

I figured since the book is free I might as well give it a read.

Promising relief from back pain in seven days set off my cynical radar.

As someone who had suffered from back pain for many years I knew that to be too good to be true.

I was proven right. I didn't cure my back pain in seven days. But that does not mean I think the author is a fraud. The title may be exaggerated but the methods described in the book convinced me. I put them into practice and noticed significant improvement very quickly. After I week I could feel the difference. Not enough to completely cure the pain but a significant change to know that the method was working.

I know the Lose The Back Pain methods are right on. They have worked on me. Best of all they actually make sense, much more sense than some of the waffle I get told from physiotherapists.

How Does It Work?

The main thrust of the solution presented here is that back pain results from muscular imbalances, which are the underlying causes behind all back pain conditions. What this means is that you are stronger or more flexible on one side of your body than the other - be it front to back or left to right.

These imbalances don't cause the pain but they create the condition in your body where pain can occur. Even if you treat the pain, when the imbalances are not addressed the pain will return again and again.

You have probably heard of the phrase "treat the cause not the symptom." Addressing muscle imbalances goes after the cause.

Depending on how bad your imbalances are or how many imbalances you have the time frame for healing is going to differ. And it also depends on how well you commit to the program and if you put in the effort.

I was not fully healed after seven days but I did achieve significant pain reduction. I knew the solution was working and it motivated me to continue. So while the title is a bit of a gimmick the solution is practical, makes sense and gets results.

A Holistic Approach To Back Pain

Lose The Back Pain takes everything back a few steps and talks about back pain from a holistic perspective. You cannot accuse it of getting stuck in the weeds. This is excellent to take a bird's eye view and gain some perspective on the causes of back pain, the treatments you have had so far and why those treatments may have been less than effective.

Physiological causes like muscle imbalances are not the only cause of back pain. There is a mind body connection and our emotional wellbeing does contribute siginifcantly to whether or not we experience back pain. You only need to think about all the times that being under stress made you feel tense between the shoulders to know that when we feel things in the mind we store pain on our bodies. The other contributer to back pain is our diet. Pain is a result of inflammation. Some foods alleviate inflammation and some make it worse. This is a factor that is often missed.

Why Your Medical Practioner Does Not Always Help

A significant portion of "The 7 Day Back Pain Cure" discusses why, since the solution of correcting muscle imbalances seems so simple, medical practioners have never brought it up before.

One of the arguments is that because each type of practioner is so specialized they often fail to see the bigger picture. Because doctors see you for such a short consult they have no option but to treat you for the symptoms not the cause. This is in fact how doctors are trained. If you go to your local doctor for back pain he or she is likely to prescribe you some pain killer, some bed rest and then some light exercise once the pain has subsided. They won't sit down with you for hours and get to the root of the gradually developing muscular imbalances.

The Book Is A Starter

"The 7 Day Back Pain Cure" book in itself contains very little information about how to actually go about correcting muscle imbalances. Rather it is a comprehensive grounding in the philosophy of why muscle imbalances are the main cause of back pain, how diet and emotions contribute and why your medical professional is unlikely to tell you any of that.

That is why this book is free. All you do is pay for the shipping if you want the hard copy. If you want the ebook it is completely free.

Too good to be true? In a way. Because the book itself is not a treatment plan. It is the background introductory information you need before you embark on the treatment plan in the Lose The Back Pain system, which actually helps you fix your muscle imbalances. And that you will have to pay for. I believe it is worth it, but that is a decision you can make later, after you have read the book.

If you want to work on correcting your muscle imbalances you will have to purchase the Lose The Back Pain system. That is the part that actually helps you work on fixing your physiological imbalances. This has a self assessment tool so you can identify your imbalances and then it gives you all the stretches and strengthening exercises you need for your particular condition in order to rectify the situation. These come both in photo and video and are extremely easy to follow.

This is the crucial piece of the puzzle. You cannot just do generic back pain exercises and stretches because your needs depend on the nature of the imbalance. If you do the wrong exercises you may make your imbalance worse. You need an unbalanced program in order to correct the imbalance. Which is why this system is awesome. The self assessment tool will identify your excat imbalances and then give you specific areas to stretch and specific areas to strengthen.

However in this Lose The Back Pain Review I strongly recommend that you start with the free book and then decide from there if you want to go further and purchase the other program. In my mind because of the frustrating emotional nature of back pain you really need to know the philosophy of why you are embarking on a course of treatment if you are really going to stick with it. Otherwise you are taking a shot in the dark. If you believe in the system you are more likely to see it through.

The book gives you that underlying philosophy. It is a common sense approach and it gives you an amazing motivation that you can succeed and overcome this back pain once and for all. If you just jumped straight into the actual program without the necessary grounding I do not believe that as many people would stick with it.

That is why I think the author Jesse Cannone has got it right. From a business point of view he wants to give something away for free in the hope that you will buy another one of his products. A classic move.

However you need to absorb the free introductory information before you can really get the most out of his system. If you started straight with the program and gave up on it because you did not understand the philosophy and therefore did not have the motivation to see it through he would end up with an unhappy customer and no word of mouth referrals. This way chances are you will stick with the program and become a happy and grateful customer.

It is because of that exact reason that you are hearing about this book from me. I read the book, purchased the system and overcame my back pain. I'm doing you a disservice by not telling you about the Lose The Back Pain System.

If you are thinking about splashing out on a latex or memory foam mattress for your back pain then that will certainly help. But this will help more. "The 7 Day Back Pain Cure" is more value at a fraction of the cost.