Organic Kapok Pillow

An organic kapok pillow is made from gathering the natural fibers of the tropical ceiba pentandra tree.

The fibers grow around the seeds of the tree and can be sustainably harvested year after year with no damage to the actual tree itself.

The texture of kapok is quite silky and floss like. It is well regarded for being extremely light. It does grow naturally in the wild although some kapok is cultivated as well.

The Benefits Of Kapok

organic kapok
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Kapok is renowned for an amazing lightness. It is moisture resistant which keeps dust mites away and an excellent insulator. It is also hypoallergenic.

A pillow made with kapok is often compared to down in terms of comfort. The problem with down is that it involves animal cruelty, namely the plucking of feathers from a live bird. Kapok on the other hand is a vegan product.

Kapok gives you that amazing comfort and luxury that you would get with down without that guilt.

It is excellent for people with an environmentally conscious mind who feel strongly about cruelty to animals. However there is no sacrifice in quality and you get the added bonus of it being hypoallergenic and moisture resistant.

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