How To Cure Insomnia Naturally With Good Routine

How to cure insomnia naturally and quickly without resorting to drugs?

Here is a simple solution which works for mild insomnia through the establishment of a good routine:

Wake up and get up at exactly the same time every single day of the week.

When you sleep in on the weekend you through out your body's natural cycle. Because insomniacs have so much trouble getting to sleep most like to make the most of it when they are actually sleeping.

So they sleep in as much as possible, and on weekends often sleep through most of the day.

It doesn't do any good to sleep late. All you are doing is ensuring you will find it hard to get to sleep the next night.

The vast majority of the population wakes up at a certain time for five days of the week and then they sleep as long as they like for the other two days of the week. This behaviour completely throws our bodies sleeping rhythms out of alignment.

So how to cure insomnia naturally when our modern schedules wreak havoc with our sleep cycle?

You need to decide upon a set time and then wake up at that time every single day, weekends included. Forget about what time you should go to bed. It doesn't matter whether you go to bed five hours before your set time or two hours before your set time. Always wake up at the designated time.

Eventually your body will get in a natural rhythm and it will tell you when to go to sleep at night.

Wake Up At 7am Everday

If you set your wake up time at say 7 am for example your body will tell you go to sleep around 11pm. If one night you don't make it to sleep until 3am then get up at 7am anyway. Your body will naturally compensate by making you go to sleep well before 11pm the next night.

This way your body maintains a rhythm. If you go to bed at 3am and wake up at noon you will throw things out of rhythm when you want to get enough sleep that night before waking up at normal time the next day.

The reason most people want to sleep in on the weekend is to recover from the sleep they lost by getting up early during the week. However it is the late sleeping in the weekend which actually causes people to lose sleep during the week.

By waking up at the same time everyday you won't lose sleep during the week because your body will tell you to go to bed when it's tired. And if you don't lose sleep during the week you won't need to sleep in during the weekend. You get in a positive cycle.

Waking up at a different time everyday perpetuates insomnia because your body never knows when it is supposed to feel tired. By waking at a set time your body will learn when it needs to fall asleep.

Thinking about how to cure insomnia naturally doesn't mean you have to rely on unfamiliar medicines or strange theories. Just get in a good routine.

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