Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps are both attractive pieces of indoor decor as well as being natural source of negative ions that have qualities that improve health.

There is a big difference between regular salt and Himalayan salt.

In its pure unadulterated form salt has 84 minerals.

Regular table salt is stripped down to just two, sodium and chloride. That is why it is white.

Himalayan salt retains all the minerals.

It is a healthy salt in a pure form. It retains its pink color because it is in its natural form.

You can also replace your regular table salt with Himalayan salt in order to improve your diet. However this is about the benefits of a Himalayan salt lamp. In order to understand how the salt lamp works you need to understand how ions work in our atmosphere.

Positive And Negative Ions

himalayan salt lamp
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The air is filled with positive and negative ions. How the balance of these is made up in any particular microclimate affects both our health and our well being.

Areas where there is a high concentration of negative ions are places like waterfalls, the sea, and mountains. Natural forces create negative ions. 

Places where there are high concentrations of positive ions are urban homes. Gadgets, televisions, microwaves and electrical products create positive ions. When there are too many positive ions and not enough negative ions our health and wellbeing is adversely affected. This is the case in many urban homes.

Symptoms include:

How A Himalayan Salt Lamp Works

The bulb inside the lamp heats the salt so the surface is at a higher temperature than air. This means moisture in the air is attracted to the surface of the lamp. A process called ionization then occurs where sodium chloride is split into positive and negative ions. An electric charge is then created and the ions reform to become neutral before being released into the atmosphere.

The salt lamp itself has a higher proportion of negative ions than positive. This means that it attracts positive ions for the ionization process which ulitmately results in neutralization.

In other words the lamp attracts excess positive ions in the atmosphere, provides its own negative ions, and binds them together in order to make them neutral.

Indoor allergens and pollutants are positively charged. Therefore by increasing the negative ions these pollutants can be removed.

There are very common machines that perform this very process - indoor air purifiers. But it is far better to use a natural product for the same effect. A Himalayan rock salt lamp also looks good. It is tranquil and relaxing bringing a sense of peace to the room.

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