4 Reasons A High Quality Mattress Will Last Longer

A high quality mattress is not just about fancy features and a steep price tag. The key difference is that the materials are superior and the workmanship is to a much higher standard. For that reason the mattress will not only be more luxurious and comfortable but it will also be more durable.

Because a quality mattress lasts so much longer than a poor one it is better value in the long run to invest in a premium product. This is why the best quality mattresses will last longer:

1. A High Quality Mattress Will Not Sag

Innerspring units are not all created equal. The grade of the wire, the number of coils, the number of turns and whether it has been double tempered or not all affects the quality of the unit.

Poor quality innerpsring units sag, they lose support and they cause roll together. Not only that but they are damn uncomfortable and can have you waking up with a sore stiff back. People eventually tire of this kind of performance and go and buy a new mattress.

But if you invested the money in a quality mattress up front it will last you 20 years and more without causing any of the problems that its cheaper counterpart does.

2. The Foam Is Denser

Many mattresses these days are made from either polyurethane foam, latex foam or memory foam. Poor quality mattresses have a low density foam.

These lose support and need to be replaced in a short period of time. Foam density is a direct factor on longevity and durability. Essentia for example uses 6.25lb foam density on the top of its range. This is good quality dense foam and designed to last for 20 years plus.

3. The Cover Won't Rip

Low grade mattresses cut corners in all respects including the cover or ticking. The cover on a mattress should be the least of your worries given that it is the inside that counts.

A high quality mattress will have a thick and durable ticking that will last as long as the rest of the product. Poor quality products have thin covers that will rip easily and expose the interior of the mattress.

4. The Padding Will Not Shift

You know what it feels like to sleep on a mattress that has an uneven distribution of padding? You get lumps and bumps and it just doesn't make for a good sleeping experience.

This is caused when the padding is not stitched in place. It takes time and effort to do this properly, which is a step that most low grade producers cut corners on.

Properly stitching the filling in is labor intensive and requires extra man hours from a skilled craftsman. That is a reason why high quality mattresses are more expensive. But this is also one reason why good mattresses last longer.

You end up with a product of superior quality that you won't get fed up with after a few years because the filling has moved or clumped.

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