Herbal Remedies For Dust Mites

Three studies have discovered effective herbal remedies for dust mites. The tests tried a variety of essential oils to see what effect they had on dust mites.

Not all were effective but some were devastating for the dust mites.

The first suggested, from J Zhejiang University found that the essential oils of clove, matrecary, chenopodium and fennel were most effective. Most people probably haven't heard of matrecary and chenopodium, but clove and fennel are household names.

The study says that there are "few if any harmful effects on non-target organisms and the environment essential oils are potentially effective, environmentally acceptable, inexpensive, simple and an alternative approach for the control of house dust mites."

The second study published in the Korean Journal of Parasitology found that pennyroyal, belonging to the mint species, was most effective at killing dust mites.

While the first two studies were published in 2006, the third is much more recent in 2014 and confirms the effectiveness of clove oil as a dust mite repellent.

Using Essential Oils For Dust Mites

There are two main ways you can use these oils for attacking dust mites. The first is to simply mix with water and place in a clean empty spray bottle.

Spray the water and oil mixture liberally wherever you think dust mites might be found. Places like carpet, living room furniture and your mattress.

The second is to add a few drops of the essential oils to baking soda. Spread the baking soda on your mattress, carpet or couch. Leave it there for an hour or so and then vacuum up the baking soda. Baking soda is an additional cleaner so you would get cleaning and killing at the same time.


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