Green Sleep Mattress Review

green sleep

A Green Sleep mattress comes with either with latex cores or innerspring cores. Their latex core mattresses use a layered approach, similar to Savvy Rest.

Depending on the model there are several layers which you can customize the firmness for your own personal comfort.

Green Sleep also have their own unique base which uses something called a dowel system.

It works similar to slats except that the individual pieces of wood are cylindrical rather than flat.

Because the dowels are thin you can fit far more of them on than you could slats.

This makes the mattress more responsive to where you place weight down, meaning pressure is eased and it is more comfortable.

What Is In A Green Sleep Mattress?

A Green Sleep mattress uses natural latex from Malaysia to create the layers for its core and padding.

The latex layers are covered in a casing made from pure wool and organic cotton.

The dowels for the base are made from Canadian maple and are completely untreated, with no sprays or additives used.

The mattresses that have innerspring systems rather than latex cores have high quality 9 inch pocket sprung coils that have untreated metal.

The Green Sleep Mattress Range

The Green Sleep mattress range comprises of natural latex mattress with latex cores or with innerspring cores. The innerspring cores mean you have a traditional spring mattress with the health benefits of being wrapped in natural latex rather than ordinary cotton.

However for the full latex experience including relief from pressure points you should opt for one with a latex core.

Nature's Nest Niu

This model is Green Sleep's innerspring mattress, with a 3 inch layer of natural latex on top. While not a pure latex mattress, the innerspring unit makes this model more affordable.

Hevea Sogno

The Hevea Sogno is a three layered mattress comprising a total of 6.5 inches of latex. The top and bottom layer are standard while the middle layer is customizable. The top is two inches of soft latex, the middle is three inches of either soft, medium or firm latex and the bottom is one and a half inches of firm latex. The customizable middle layer can be different on each side of the bed.

Hevea Vimala

The Vimala has three layers with 8 inches total of natural latex. The top is two inches of soft latex, the bottom is twoinches of firm latex. There is a customizable middle layer which can be different on either side of the bed. The middle one is four inches and can be soft, medium or firm. The upper one is one and a half inches and can only be soft or firm.

Hevea Dolcezza

The Dolcezza is a four layered mattress with a total of 9.5 inches of natural latex. The top and bottom layer are always the same but the middle two are customizable on both sides of the bed. The top is two inches of soft latex. The middle two layers are each three inches and can be in soft, medium or firm. The bottom is one and a half inches of firm latex.


Green Sleep is a high end manufacturer of natural latex mattresses. They are expensive, but if you are looking for premium quality and comfort then they are worth considering.

A key benefit is also the versatility and the ability to customize different firmness on either side of the mattress.