Why Egyptian Cotton Sheets Are The Best

Egyptian cotton sheets are the finest quality sheets in the world.

A common query is what is it about them that makes these sheets so good.

Most producers of bed sheets promote thread count as a means of gauging quality.

While it is one factor, it should not be considered in isolation. The quality of the cotton used in the sheet is a much more important thing to consider than merely the number of threads alone.

After all a high thread count with poor quality cotton will still result in a poor quality sheet.

This is where the Egyptian cotton difference comes in. Regardless of thread count Egyptian cotton itself is incredibly durable and incredibly comfortable. It is the best raw material cotton available.

The Growing Conditions of Egyptian Cotton

There are many factors that impact upon the quality of the cotton plant such as soil, temperature and weather. The unique ecosystem of the Nile Valley is perfect for growing high quality cotton.

The soil is especially rich and the air is moist. After several hundred years of cross breeding various cotton plants the local Egyptian growers have come up with the best result.

Egyptian cotton is what is known as an extra long staple or ELS. A staple is a cotton fiber. The staples are longer and they are also stronger and more durable.

Thread Count

Sheets made with Egyptian cotton come with a high thread count but it is not the thread count that makes them good quality. Despite the staple being longer than other cotton yarns it is also smaller in diameter. This means that a manufacturer can use more threads per square inch. The end result is a sheet with a high thread count that is also made from the best quality raw material.

This means the fabric feels more luxurious while it also stands up to repeated washes and resists pilling.

High Quality Workmanship

As well as thinking about the raw material and where it was grown you also need to consider where the sheet is processed. It takes a high level of craftsmanship to turn cotton yarn into quality bed sheet.

Some companies send their cotton to China to be processed because it is cheaper. The best quality Egyptian cotton sheets are processed in Italy where the workmanship is superior. High quality artisans don't tend to work with inferior raw materials. This is why most sheets made from Egyptian cotton are so good - they are woven by the best.

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