Earthing Sheets

A few years ago I learned of a technique to remove stress and increase wellness. It was as simple as going outside and standing on bare earth for about half an hour in barefoot.

It was amazing and I felt so much better. I felt calm and at ease. I didn't realize how important it was to literally connect and ground myself to the earth. I learned that by spending most the day either in rubber shoes outdoors or on carpeted floors indoors, most people don't actually ground themselves as often as they should.

Since discovering that phenomenon a few years ago, I've recently discovered something new. Earthing sheets are available that you can place on your bed and they ground you while you are asleep. These achieve the same effect as standing barefoot on the ground, but by having a sheet it means you are grounded everyday without fail, whether you remember to take a barefoot walk or not.

The Benefits Of Earthing

The main benefits I noticed from earthing were stress reduction and calmness. When you are feeling anxious and a little bit frenzied there is nothing better than earthing.

It has also been known to reduce inflammation and chronic pain as well as improving sleep and increasing energy levels.

This aids the bodies natural healing process.

How Earthing Works

Human beings are very good conductors of electricity. You will know that if you have ever had an electric shock.

The theory is that we have positively charged free radicals zooming around our body with nowhere to go. Ideally they will go into the ground and attach themselves to a negatively charged electron somewhere.

But if they cannot earth then they just zoom around our bodies causing problems. The problems came in that they strip negatively charged electrons from healthy tissue if they have to. This causes inflammation.

By earthing ourselves these positive charges can safely leave our body. So in a sense earthing is less about healing and more about removing something that causes us damage. However doing so allows the body to naturally heal.

How Do Earthing Sheets Work

Earthing sheets use either a ground rod or by plugging into an electrical outlet. It may seem a bit crazy to plug into an electrical outlet, but the sheet does not actually conduct any electric power, it just uses the ground port in the outlet.

However not every home's electrical system is set up for earthing so make sure you check with an electrician that it is safe to use a the sheet.

Once it is all installed all you have to do is sleep with some bare skin on the sheet and you get the benefits.

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