Organic Dust Mite Spray

An organic dust mite spray can neutralize the allergens caused by dust mites in the bedroom.

Dust mites themselves are not harmful to humans. While these microscopic arachnids can number in the millions in your bedroom the allergic reaction comes from their decaying corpses and the fecal matter that they leave behind. It does not come from the dust mite itself.

If you are just finding out about dust mites it can be quite hard to get your head around.

The fact that there are millions of tiny invisible critters living in your bed can be unnerving. But they have always been there and they are harmless.

Killing vs Neutralizing

The spray does not kill the mite but rather it renders the allergens in their feces and dead bodies harmless. It is an effective dust mite treatment because trying to completely kill the dust mite population is a battle you can never win.

An organic dust mite spray that is safe to use in your bedroom and around the home. Regular use will ensure that allergy symptoms are kept at bay.

There are things you can do to lessen the numbers of dust mites living in your bedroom such as using anti allergy bedding, hot washing your linen and using a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately none of these measures will completely eliminate the dust mite population. They thrive in moist humid conditions and the mattress is one of those places.

It is worthwhile taking the necessary steps to reduce dust mite numbers but as part of a holistic approach it is also extremely beneficial to neutralize the allergen with a dust mite control product. A good combination approach will involve both killing mites and minimizing the effect of the allergen with a natural dust mite remedy such as Mite Nix spray.

The spray is released as a light mist and the positive effects last for about a month.

You should see quick improvement from allergy symptoms such as sneezing, headaches and red eyes.

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