Clean Indoor Air

Having clean indoor air is a crucial aspect of improving the health of your home.

Indoor air can be quite polluted courtesy of the numerous toxin emitting things in your home from detergents to scents and even your mattress.

Add dust to that and the fact that most homes have stagnant air with not enough good flow and you have a less than ideal mixture that you are breathing every day.

There are several approaches you can take to cleaning your indoor air.

You can use natural things like houseplants, candles and Himalayan salt lamps. Or you can get an air purifier which is a unit that cleans the air in the room that it is in. The third alternative is to have an HVAC system throughout your entire home.

Natural Air Purifiers:

The Best 5 Houseplants: These houseplants look good while at the same time they clean the air and bring a sense of tranquility to the bedroom and the home.

Himalayan Salt Lamp: This attarctive piece of decor also works as a natural air purifier by emitting negative ions. The presence of one of these lamps reduces stress and anxiety.

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