Choosing A Pillow That Suits
Your Sleep Style

Choosing a pillow that's right for you will improve the quality of your sleep.

While support and comfort for the body comes from the mattress, the support and comfort for the head and neck comes from the pillow.

If your pillow doesn't keep your head aligned with your spine it can lead to muscle cramps and neck pain.

With a myriad of pillows available you need to ensure you are choosing the right one.

Determine What Kind Of Sleeper You Are

All people predominantly sleep in one of three ways. You are either:

  • A back sleeper
  • A side sleeper
  • A stomach sleeper

When it comes to choosing a pillow you need to know this crucial fact: what kind of sleeper are you?

In order to find out just make a note of how you wake up in the mornings. The position you are in upon awakening will be the position that you sleep in most of the night. The other option is to just ask the person you sleep next to what position you spend most of your time in.

Back, Stomach Or Side

Side Sleeper: If you sleep on your side your head is much higher off the bed than if you sleep on your stomach or on your back. This is because you are resting on your shoulder. Side sleepers need pillows that are high and firm in order to provide adequate support. If you use too small a pillow your neck won't align properly with your spine and it gravity will force it to hang down.

Back Sleeper: Back sleepers need a pillow with medium height and medium firmness. If you sleep on your back your head is not as far off the bed as a side sleeper, but it is further off the ground than a stomach sleeper. If your pillow is too high it will force your neck up, but if it is too low your neck will sag towards the bed.

Stomach Sleeper: Stomach sleepers need a soft and low pillow. The natural position for the head when sleeping on your stomach is quite close to the bed. Too high a pillow will force the head upwards and the back to arch.

Don't Think About Price Until The End

When choosing a pillow it is best to just completely forget about price, at least to begin with. Identify the pillow that is best suited to you before money even crosses your mind. If you go straight to the cheap pillows you could be ruling out the one that is best suited to you.

Because the right pillow improves the quality of your sleep and means you will be well rested, it will improve the quality of your waking day. The right pillow really isn't something you should compromise on because of a few dollars. A high quality organic pillow will last much longer than a regular pillow. So think of it as an investment.

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