The Best Mattress For Back Pain

The best mattress for back pain is one that offers support, holds your spine in correct alignment and doesn't create pressure points.

Back pain can be so frustrating.

The wrong mattress can make back pain worse.

The right back pain mattress can make a difference.

A mattress alone is not going to cure back pain. There are more significant physiological issues like muscle imbalances you need to deal with.

But having the right mattress can ease the pain in the meantime and bring some temporary respite. At the very least it won't make the situation worse.

If you get the right mattress for your body type then you can improve the alignment of your spine as you sleep. This will assist with your back pain recovery.

When you spend eight hours a night with your spine out of alignment it will aggravate the problem. So sleeping in the correct posture will deliver pain relief benefits in a short time.

Determining the best mattress for back pain is going to be a subjective exercise, since everybody has different medical issues and different needs and desires. However memory foam and latex are widely regarded as being the best back pain mattresses.

Back Pain Information:

How To Choose Mattress Firmness - Essential Tips So You Get It Right: Back pain can also be caused by having too firm or too soft a mattress. The ideal mattress is medium-firm. Learn these tips so you make the right pick.

The Best Mattress For Back Pain

The best mattress for back pain in terms of support, spinal alignment and absence of pressure points is a memory foam mattress.

Essentia produce natural memory foam, a substance that is free of toxins. Their range includes two models, the Beausommet and the Dormeuse, that are specifically designed to help relieve back pain.

Natural latex is also regarded as an excellent back pain mattress because of its firmness and motion isolation technology.

The Underlying Causes Of Back Pain

Having the best mattress for back pain can help your symptoms and having the wrong mattress can definately aggravate them. But the consideration on what type of mattress to have is only part of the bigger picture when it comes to back pain.

You need a holistic approach when dealing with the underlying causes of back pain. A mattress deals with the symptoms but it can never cure the real reason you got back pain in the first place. To deal with that you are going to have to look at physiological issues like muscles imbalances, which are the main cause of back pain, as well as any deep seated emotional issues and your diet.

While I can recommend you the best back pain mattress it is beyond the scope of this site to go too far deep into the mysteries of back pain. However I highly recommend the free book by Jesse Cannone of the Lose The Back Pain system called "The 7 Day Back Pain Cure."

This is the best explanation I have ever come across regarding the causes of back pain and the best treatment. Reading it is like a lightbulb going off in your head. It is so simple yet because there is so much misinformation out there nobody ever gives you the simple answers you need. This is the book and the treatment system that follows it has cured back pain for many many people including myself.

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