The 5 Best Houseplants For A Clean And Relaxing Home

The best houseplants are ones that are beautiful, easy to maintain, hard to kill and do a good job of cleaning the air.

You want them to look good but they have to perform a function as well.

If you struggle with a lack of green fingers then you need easy to care for plants as well.

Tasteful, well placed houseplants can make all the difference when it comes to decorating a room. Greenery also has the added function of reducing stress.

English Ivy

english ivy
image by nociveglia

This plant ranked number one in a NASA study on the best air filtering houseplants, particularly when it comes to formaldehyde.

It is regarded as being easy to grow and hard to kill.

It doesn't necessarily rank the highest when it comes to beauty, although it works if you are going for a rustic look.

Peace Lily

english ivy
image by Liam Moloney

The name reflects the character of this plant, as it is effective at creating a sense of calm with its beautiful white flower.

It is very simple yet classically elegant.

They are very easy to maintain it is very hard to go wrong.

These plants are great in the living room or in the bedroom.

Coffee Plant

english ivy
image by Zee Pack

These plants can grow into quite significantly sized trees but they are appropriate for indoor use as well.

They require a bit of maintenance in pruning and watching for pests.

However the major drawcard is that after a few years the berries will start to produce a wonderful coffee aroma in your home.


english ivy
image by alyssa

Lavender makes an excellent houseplant mainly because of its soothing aroma that creates calm and reduces stress and anxiety.

It is also an excellent insect repellant.

It is reasonably easy to maintain as long as the pot has good drainage and you don't drown the plant.

Jade Plant

english ivy
image by TANAKA

This is the ultimate in easy to care for and good looking plants.

Having an array of different succulents looks really great together.

Try pairing jade with aloe and cacti.

They look excellent and are very low maintenance.

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