Naturepedic Mattress Review

Naturepedic mattresses are well known for their crib and children's range, however it also has a high quality adult range.

There are six mattress available from Naturepedic with options including organic cotton innerspring, organic latex or a combination of the two.

This is rather unique in the fact that you can get a two layered mattress with the lower support layer being an innerspring with the top comfort layer being latex.

This is a good option if you are somebody who likes the traditional innerspring and wants to experiment with a latex layer, but are not comfortable with abandoning innerspring altogether.

What Goes Into a Naturepedic Mattress

These mattress are made from the standard range of components such as organic cotton, wool and latex. They have a unique aspect with an entirely plant based polyester called PLA. This is created in the lab but it is made from corn and potatoes, rather than petrochemicals.

The cotton used by Naturepedic is organic US grown cotton. This is used for the fabric and the batting. They also use organic wool batting, providing moisture prevention and fire protection.

Naturepedic was one of the first companies to adopt the new Global Organic Latex Standard. Previously there had been no certified third party testing for latex and no company was able to claim it had organic latex. This is a new standard and Naturepedic is one of the few companies that is now offering compliant organic latex.

The Naturepedic Mattress Range

EOS: This is an 11 inch mattress made from two layers. The first layer is 8 inches of firm coils. The second is a 3 inch latex layer of which you can choose any level of firmness that suits you.

Essentials: This 12 inch mattress is what you would perceive to be a standard innerspring cotton model. It has three layers of coils, with a high density coil count and is surrounded by organic cotton batting and organic wool batting.

Quartet: This mattress has one layer of coils as a support layer and then gives you two options for the second layer which goes on top for comfort. You can choose either another layer of coils or a 3 inch layer of organic latex foam. I'm not sure why you would choose the coils because that pretty much gives you an Essentials model. However if you want a mattress that has a combination of innerspring and latex then this is a good option. It is 10 inches in total.

Concerto: This model is much like the Quartet in that it provides a layer of coils and then a layer of latex foam. The difference here is that the Quartet is 10 inches while the higher end model, the Concerto, is 15 inches.

Symphony: The Symphony is a three layer mattress with two layers of innerspring coils and organic latex foam on the top. It is similar to the Concerto and the Quartet in placing latex on top of an innerspring system, however the difference is that it gives you the extra layer.

Comparing the Naturepedic Mattress Range

When you break it down this Naturepedic mattress range is really only two key differences. The Essentials model is your standard innerspring cotton mattress.

The rest are variations of the same theme, which is placing latex layers on top of coils. As you go up the range you get thicker layers of latex.

If you are looking for a standard innerspring or a standard latex mattress then there are other brands such as Royal Pedic, Savvy Rest, Organicpedic or Green Sleep that are worth comparing to.

However if the idea of both a layer of coils and a layer of latex is attractive to you then Naturepedic is the brand you should pay serious attention to.

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