Why The Most Expensive Mattress Is Not Always The Best

most expensive mattress
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The most expensive mattress in the world is currently the Hastens Vividus. It costs more than $50,000. That is not a typo, that's a five figure number.

Good quality organic mattresses are quite expensive at $2000-$5000 compared to a standard mattress which would sell at $500-$1000. But well below the top of the line luxury products like the $50,000+ Vividus.

The Mattress Market Is Like The Car Market

It helps to think of mattresses in a similar way to cars. At the low end of the scale you have cars which are just barely drivable but offer nothing in the way of style, comfort, reliability or durability. These are the variety of second hand bombs on the road.

Moving up from that you have practical cars that are useful, do the job and are cheap. These are your modern Toyotas, Hondas and Nissans.

As you keep moving up the scale the more money you spend gets you a nicer, more comfortable, more powerful, more reliable car. You move into Lexus, Mercedes, VW and BMW. But eventually you get to a point where the increase in money becomes just about extravagance, style and luxury. 

And that's when prices start getting outrageous. You get to Porsche, Jaguar and Aston Martin. And then super high end cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti take it to the next level.

Mattresses are just the same. There are some mattresses out there at the bottom end of the market that should be considered barely sleepable. Yes you can sleep on them, but they aren't good for you. They are old, worn and offer little in the way of comfort.

You can buy a new one but at the low end you are getting something pretty basic. As you spend more money the product gets to be of better quality. But eventually you get to a point where the prices become outrageous. You don't get any more durability or reliability. The most expensive mattress is just outlandish decadence.

Organic Mattresses Are Good But Not Outrageous

Premium organic mattresses sit in that Lexus, Mercedes, VW and BMW category. The premium price you pay gets you something in return - a better quality product. Albeit for a more expensive price, but not an outrageous price.

The most expensive mattress in the world at over $50,000 is in the Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti class. It is just ridiculously decadent and totally unnecessary.

The Hastens Vividus is handmade and takes 160 man hours to complete. It is made from horsehair, cotton, flax and wool. They claim that they use pre-industrialization techniques that have since fallen into obscurity.

This is all well and good but is the amount you are spending really getting you a better quality sleep? No it's not. Just like driving a Ferrari down to the grocery store is not any more effective than driving a BMW to the grocery store. They serve the same purpose but one is flasher than the other.

However it is more effective driving a BMW to the grocery store than it is driving a 30 year old bomb which is leaking oil, has dodgy brakes and worn shock absorbers.

Organic Products Are Worth The Investment

Expensive organic mattresses serve a purpose. You aren't paying for flashness. You are paying for quality craftsmanship with quality materials that because of the scarcity of organic ingredients cost more than your average mattress.

They aren't the most expensive mattresses in the world and even the most expensive organic mattress doesn't come close to the Vividus. However they are pricier than many people are prepared to spend. Yet they are not outrageous and the money spent is a good investment in value not in glamor.

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