Essentia Review

In this Essentia review I cover the ingredients of the mattress.

I talk about the range that the company offers and go into detail regarding the different products that are available.

I also talk about the common complaints about these mattresses.

The Essentia mattress was not the pioneer of an eco-friendly mattress. Natural latex, organic wool and organic cotton were already available.

But what Essentia did do was create a mattress that is hard to beat when it comes to comfort and support because of the memory foam technology.

These mattresses are among the most eco friendly available yet the memory foam is a clear step up the competition in terms of comfort.

What Goes Into An Essentia Mattress?

The base ingredient the Essentia mattress uses is natural latex from Indonesia. This is harvested sustainably from the rubber tree, or the Hevea brasiliensis. The latex sap is collected without killing the tree.

How the Essentia mattress is actually made is unknown because the method is under patent. However we do know the ingredients that they add to the latex to make the finished product:

  • Organic grapefruit seed oil
  • Organic coneflower essence
  • Organic jasmine essence
  • GMO free plant extracts
  • Water

Memory foam is not suitable as a mattress material on its own. It needs a firmer layer to sit underneath it. So these mattresses have a bottom layer of natural dunlop latex with the layer of natural memory foam going on top.

Every mattress needs a cover. They wrap their products in certified unbleached organic cotton fabric.

The Essentia Mattress Range

essentia mattress
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Essentia mattress range offers 7 different mattresses to cater for people's diverse needs.

They are made with a supporting layer of latex with their unique natural memory foam on top.

The major differences among Essentia mattresses are the thickness of the layers and the density of the foam. The thicker the foam and the higher density it is the better the quality.

  1. The Grateful Bed is the basic model. It has a 4 inch layer of cotton with a 3 inch layer of latex on top, with 1 inch of 5.25lb density memory foam on top of that.
  2. The Tatami is also a basic model but a small step up. Instead of the 4 inch cotton and 3 inch latex layers it has 7 inches of latex as support with 1 inch of 5.25lb density memory foam on top.
  3. The Classic 8 has a 6 inch layer of latex and a 2 inch layer of 5.25lb density memory foam. At 8 inches it is the same as the previous two but it has a higher proportion of natural memory foam.
  4. The Energie Opus is the next step up. This has a thicker layer of memory foam than the Classic 8, with 3 inches of 5.25lb density foam, sitting on top of a 5 inch layer of latex. This is softer than the Classic 8.
  5. The Beausommet steps it up again. This has 2 inches of higher density 6.25lb memory foam and 1 inch of 5.25lb memory foam on top of 5 inches of latex. This is medium firm.
  6. The Dormeuse takes it to the next level with a total of 4 inches of natural memory foam, 2 inches of 6.25lb and 2 inches of 5.25lb. This sits on top of 4 inches of latex. This is softer than the Beausommet and offers maximum contouring support.
  7. The Dormeuse Fior mattress is the highest end in the range. The base is 3 inches of latex, followed by two memory foam layers. The first is 2 inches of 5.25lb density and the second is 1 inch of 5.25lb. The final layer is named the "Fior" layer, which is a very soft type of memory foam designed for a more plush feel.

I'll go into a little bit more detail on each Essentia mattress:

Essentia Grateful Bed Review

The Grateful Bed is the cheapest model because the base layer is organic cotton rather than natural latex. However it is a more affordable option to still be able to get the benefits of Essentia memory foam.

This is a firm mattress as it only has 1 inch of memory foam.

Essentia Tatami Review

This is another bottom of the range option with 7 inches of natural latex and 1 inches of 5.25lb density foam. It is very similar to the Grateful bed in that it has 1 inch of memory foam on top of 7 inches of support layering. The key difference is that all 7 inches are natural latex with the Tatami, as opposed to some cotton in the Grateful bed.

The Tatami is medium firm, keeping it in line with the latest medical research.

Essentia Classic 8 Review

The Classic 8 is very similar to the Tatami, except it sacrifices 1 inch of latex support layer for an extra inch of memory foam on top. It is still a medium firm mattress but it moves closer towards medium than the Tatami.

Essentia Energie Opus Review

Moving up from the Classic 8 this mattress chops off 1 inch off the latex base layer and adds 1 more inch of natural memory foam. This makes the Energie Opus an 8 inch mattress with 5 inches of natural latex and 3 inches of 5.25lb density foam.

The effect of the extra memory foam makes this model softer than the Classics. It also gives more contouring support than the Classics.

Yet a higher proportion of memory foam and a softer feel is not necessarily better. It is personal preference. Some people prefer a firmer mattress, some people prefer a softer one.

The Energie Opus is more expensive than the Classic 8 because natural memory foam is more expensive than natural latex. But if you prefer a firmer mattress then this is an upgrade that you don't want.

Essentia Beausommet Review

This model is 3 inches of natural memory foam and 5 inches of natural latex. The difference to the Energie Opus however is that the memory foam is a higher quality. 2 inches have a 6.25lb density and 1 inch has a 5.25lb density.

The other difference with the Beausommet (and also the Dormeuse) is that Essentia uses a special molding technology that they claim creates a more luxurious comfortable feel.

At the moment this molding process is patented so Essentia isn't elaborating as to how exactly this creates superior comfort. What they do say is that the process doesn't use glue or adhesives to join their layers. It sounds good but it's impossible to tell if this is really anything special while it's under patent.

The Beausommet is medium firm and specifically suited for people who have either mid body (apple) or bottom heavy (pear) body types. It offers extra support for the lower spine, or lumbar region.

If you don't know your body type and therefore what mattress firmness you should look for you can find out by getting undressed and going and having a look in the mirror. You will be one of these four types:

  • Pear: Bigger around the hips than you are around the shoulders and chest.
  • Apple: Bigger around the middle than shoulders or hips.
  • Hourglass: Wide in the shoulders and hips but skinny at the waist.
  • Ruler: Same width at all points, often very skinny people.

The extra support for apple and pear body types comes from an additional latex support layer that lies in the middle of the mattress.

You also get extra support because the bottom layer of latex is zoned. This means that it has different levels of firmness at different points of the mattress to allow perfect body and spinal alignment. For example the mattress is softer for the shoulders and pelvis and firmer for the lumbar region.

This lets the heavier points of the body sink slightly furhther, allowing for the natural curvature of the body.

The extra lumbar support and zoned latex mean the Beausommet offers excellent orthopedic support and prevents the lower spine from sagging. By giving the spine more support during sleep you will reduce back pain and be more active.

Essentia Dormeuse Review

This model has the highest proportion of natural memory of all the Essentia mattresses. It has 2 inches of 6.25lb density foam, 2 inches of 5.25lb density foam and a 4 inch natural latex support layer.

It is much the same as the Beausommet, except for the additional inch of memory foam. The extra memory foam makes this model softer and better at conforming to and correctly aligning the body. The Dormeuse is the best option if you are suffering from neck, back or shoulder pain.

Like the Beausommet this one has the indiviual molding technology that's under patent and the zoned latex layer for extra comfort.

Essentia Dormeuse Fior Review

The Dormeuse Fior is similar to the Dormeuse but the top layer means it is softer. it has 1 inch less on the latex support and 1 inch less on the natural memory foam, but has an additional plush layer for those who like the extra comfort.

Comparing The Essentia Mattress Range

To break it down in its most simple formula Essentia are offering four lower end mattresses with varying levels of firmness and three higher end mattresses with varing levels of firmness.

At the lower end you have the Grateful Bed, Tatami, Classic 8 and Energie Opus. The Grateful bed is firm, moving to medium firm with the Tatami and closer to medium with the Classic 8. The Energie Opus is the softest.

The Beausommet and the Dormeuse are at the higher end with the Beausommet being the firmer and the Dormeuse being the softer and the Dormesuse Fior softer still.

These three are of better quality than the others because of several features:

  • Higher quality 6.25lb density memory foam: Compared to the 5.25lb density of the other mattresses.
  • Individually molded layers: A unique patented process that creates a higher level of comfort.
  • Zoned latex for superior spinal alignment: Different levels of firmness at different points of the mattress to provide superior spinal alignment.
  • Extra mid body support: Extra support for people who are heavier in the hips.

If you are unsure of what firmness you want it is better to err on the firmer side. Unless you specifically want a softer mattress I would recommend the firmer option, either the Tatami or the Beausommet.

Lower End Higher End
Firmest Grateful Bed

Tatami Beausommet

Classic 8
Softest Energie Opus Dormeuse Fior

Essentia Mattress Complaints

Like any mattress Essentia bears the brunt of several complaints. All products have their downsides so you have to weigh up what is best for you.

The major complaints around the Essentia mattress are about how it markets itself. It claims to be an organic memory foam mattress when it actually is a natural slow release latex mattress.

This doesn't make it any less of a quality or healthy product but it is important to be fully transparent. My article on "Essentia Mattress Complaints" explores these issues in more details.

The New Kid On The Block

Essentia is quite a new company. There is one very simple reason why you must be careful when buying something like a mattress from a young company - the warranty.

Then can offer you an excellent warranty but if a company goes under there is nobody to give you your money back. So what good is your warranty?

On the bright side Essentia appears at face value to be a company that is going to stick around. The organic/natural movement has really taken off in the last decade and has spread from food into household products, clothing and furniture. This company has experienced rapid growth because it is providing a unique product to a growing number of ethically minded consumers. That is set to continue as more and more people become aware of the toxins we are exposed within our own homes.

Some of the older mattress companies, such as Royal Pedic, have realized that consumer demand is moving to organic and have released their own line of organic products.

Essentia does most of its business online but has already opened a few stores. Being a Canadian company they started there, with stores in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. They have also moved into the United States with stores in New Jersey and California and are even operating in the U.K.

And now they're recruiting franchisees to open more stores and fuel more growth. This does not appear to be a struggling company.

I recommend that you give an Essentia mattress a look if you want a high quality eco-friendly memory foam product. Hopefully this Essentia mattress review has given you adequate information to make an informed decision.

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