Essentia Mattress Complaints

The two main Essentia mattress complaints revolve around the fact that it is not strictly organic and that the material is actually slow release latex rather than memory foam.

The mattress industry is notorious for misleading marketing and astronomical margins.

As such you should be wary of any information you receive (including mine) and always back it up with in depth research.

Essentia mattresses, like any other, have their fair share of complaints.

Essentia Mattress Complaint #1: The Mattress Is Not Organic

Essentia mattresses are not organic yet they often mislead you and other potential customers by throwing the word organic around without explaining it properly.

This is one of my pet peeves.

Essentia does not do an adequate job of explaining this. So what is the story? For a detailed explanation check out this article:

In brief natural memory foam and natural latex cannot be considered organic because there is no 3rd party certification agency exists in the same way it does for cotton and other materials.

Essentia gets around this by describing their product as "organic natural memory foam." This is because all other ingredients apart from the latex are organic. I know organic is a good buzzword but the fact is they shouldn't call it organic because it isn't.

Essentia Matress Complaint #2: It Isn't Actually Memory Foam

Memory foam was invented by NASA and turned into a mattress by Tempurpedic. This chemical memory foam is also known as visco-elastic foam.

The traditional understanding is that memory foam and visco-elastic foam are the same thing. Many people give Essentia criticism because their foam is not visco-elastic foam yet they still call it memory foam.

Because an Essentia mattress is actually something called "slow release latex" which merely happens to have the same properties as visco-elastic memory foam.

This is a viable criticism if you believe memory foam and visco-elastic foam to be the same thing and that the definition of memory foam cannot every include anything other than visco-elastic foam. But it is a redundant criticism if you accept that the properties are what causes something to be considered memory foam regardless of whether it is visco-elastic or latex based.

Those who call for Essentia to rebrand themselves as "slow release latex" acknowledge the fact that it is an outstanding and unique product that has helped a lot of people. They merely wish that Essentia was more transparent in their marketing and that is a fair enough point.

Despite the issues regarding organic branding and memory foam branding an Essentia mattress remains a high quality product that is healthy and eco-friendly.

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