The Benefits Of Organic Cotton Mattresses - And The Drawbacks

The main benefits of organic cotton are that it is grown without any kind of chemicals, herbicides and pesticides.

It is a non exploitative industry, neither exploiting the environment or human labour.

Many organic mattress materials are quite niche.

However cotton is such a major crop in the world, so supporting the fledgling industry is very important.

The Benefits Of Organic Cotton

Very Comfortable: Cotton is widely regarded as an excellent choice when it comes to comfort. It is soft, smooth and feels amazing to the touch. People are rarely disappointed when it comes to comfort with an all cotton mattress.

Newer mattress types such as latex and memory foam offer different types of comfort but cotton is the best if you like the traditional mattress style.

Cheap cotton mattress might compress or go lumpy but not quality products. A high end cotton mattress will be pre-compressed and hand tufted to ensure a consistent feel and genuine luxurious comfort.

Good At Wicking Moisture: Cotton is pretty effective at absorbing moisture and wicking it to the surface. It is better at this than latex however not as good at it as wool.

Hypoallergenic: All organic mattress materials are hypoallergenic because they haven't been infused with toxins and chemicals. However cotton is the best material for those with allergies. Latex can cause an allergic reaction in some people, as can the natural oil in wool called lanolin.

Support The Demise Of Chemical Cotton: The benefits of organic cotton are not just in the quality of the product but also the positive effects on the environment. Organic cotton production is not engaged in the careless waste of the planet. Organic farmers make a real effort to work with the natural world rather than against it.

For the consumer, not only are you using a comfortable, soft, non-irritating and allergy free product but you are also supporting the organic cotton industry. The organic industry doesn't just care about a healthy product. They care about a healthy environment and healthy working conditions for people.

Conventional cotton farmers often have health issues from exposure to the chemicals on the crop. This doesn't happen to organic farmers. The regular cotton industry also uses child labor in West Africa and parts of Asia, something that the organic cotton industry never does. Organic farmers earn good wages while working in humane and safe conditions.

One of the major benefits of organic cotton is that it supports the small guy, rather than supporting corporate agribusiness.

Organic Cotton Mattress Complaints

It's Got Metal In It: Neither latex nor wool mattresses have an innerspring unit. Cotton does. This isn't a big deal, a quality innerspring unit with a high coil number will be a highly comfortable quality mattress. However some people justifiably have a concern with metal in their beds. In this case cotton isn't the best choice.

Pressure Points: Another drawback to the innerspring unit is that it creates pressure points. When your body depresses the springs their natural reaction is to press back and try to regain their original shape. This isn't good for your body. A top of the line cotton mattress will reduce the impact of pressure points, but nevertheless this is a problem that you wouldn't face with latex, wool or natural memory foam.

The Innerspring Unit Wears Out Quicker: Innerspring units sag and lose their support over time, as do all mattresses. However this process is faster with a cotton innerspring than it is in latex or natural memory foam. However premium mattresses with the best quality spring units will wear out much slower than mattresses with cheap spring units.

No Natural Immunity To Dust Mites: Out of latex, wool and cotton the latter is least effective at resisting dust mites. Organic cotton is still highly resistant but it doesn't have the natural immunity that comes with latex and wool.

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